New Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity: Critical Readings about the Black Experience in Trump's America

Author(s): William T. Hoston , RANDON TAYLOR

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 204


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New Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity seeks to address salient concerns and issues facing Black Americans in the USA during the Trump presidential era. Through a historical and contemporary lens from a diverse body of scholars, presented are principled works that critically analyze the relationship between President Trump and Black Americans. Starting on the Trump campaign trail to the midterm elections, the question that binds this book together, as it did in the first edition, is that of President Trump’s to Black Americans, “What the hell do you have to lose?” by building a political, social, and cultural coalition with his Administration. The answer is, “Everything!” Our goal is to create dialogue and promote a greater understanding of the salient concerns and issues facing Black Americans.   In chapters ranging in topic from Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail to the challenges and promises of Black presidential candidates opposing him in 2020, the authors share the belief that it is critical to offer new perspectives on race and ethnicity in the Trump presidential era.

In the post-script, William T. Hoston offers a TED Talk-style presentation structured around three pillars, or key ideas, in relation to his life-long friendships with three White men—Joe, Brian, and Dean—all uncles to his BlackBrown son.   Ultimately, this post-script demands for them, when in safe White spaces, to fight to protect the sanctity of their Black-Brown nephew’s existence.  

There are many lessons that we can learn from the literature presented in this book.  From the first chapter to the last, New Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity contributes to the emerging body of literature that will define President Trump’s America.

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1.  Introduction  Dear Trump Supporters
William T. Hoston

Part I:  Constitutional De-Mockery

2.  “We’ve” Been Trumped! Donald J. Trump and the Return of Racism in Post-Racial America
Randolph Burnside and Michelle N. Fletcher

3.  Constitutional Anomaly The Dark Side of National Character
Ronald Dorris

Part II: Race, Technology, and Information in the Trump Era

4.  Reflecting on Race, Policing, Social Distance, and Technology in a New Era
Everette B. Penn

5.  Understanding the Perceived Benefits and Disadvantages of Social Media Networks in the Lives of African American College Students in the Era of Trump
Farrah G. Cambrice and Chastity Fields

Part III: Race and the Protection of Black Americans

6.  Google the Cheat Code How to Get Away with Murdering an Unarmed Black Male  
William T. Hoston, Randon R. Taylor, and Shaun M. Anderson

7.  Colin Kaepernick The Revitalization of Black Athlete Activism  
Shaun M. Anderson, William T. Hoston, Debra E. Menconi Clark, and Randon R. Taylor

Part IV: What Does 2020 Mean for Black Americans?

8.  The Challenges and Promises of Black Candidates Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and the 2020  Presidential Election
Se-Hyoung Yi and William T. Hoston

9.  Post-Script My Son’s White Uncles
William T. Hoston

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List of Charts

Chart 2.1: Rhetorical Analysis Classification Schema  
Chart 2.2: Examples of Donald Trump’s Racialized Rhetoric  
Chart 5.1: Description of Popular Social Media Networking Sites  
Chart 6.1: The Cheat Code for the Death of Walter Scott  
Chart 8.1: Cory Booker and Kamala Harris: Policy Comparison 

William T. Hoston

William T. Hoston, Ph.D., is a Professor of Political Science and Director of the Mellon Center for Faculty Excellence at Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU). He holds teaching and research interests in the areas of minority voting behavior, political behavior of Black politicians, race and minority group behavior, Black masculinity, sexualities and gender, race and crime, and theories and dynamics of racism and oppression. Dr. Hoston is the author or editor of eight academic books. For more information, please visit:


Randon R. Taylor, M.S., is a graduate of the University of Houston- Clear Lake (UHCL) in the Sociology program.  Mr. Taylor’s research interests lie in the areas of race and ethnicity, colorism, Black masculinity, immigration and diaspora studies, sociology and religion, and theories and dynamics of racism and oppression.  His research has been published in Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, Southern Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the South, and The Social Science Journal. Currently, Mr. Taylor is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Miami (UM). 

For more information on Mr. Taylor, please visit:

“Dr. William T. Hoston brings together many necessary scholarly voices in this pivotal moment for Black Americans and so many other marginalized people in this excellent edited volume, “New Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity: Critical Readings about the Black Experience in Trump’s America.” So much focus goes to the bombast of President Trump and the White voters who banded together to put him in office, that the current condition and the evolution of the Black experience is often overlooked. Hoston is able to synthesize the work of many scholars from various perspectives to remind readers of the complexity of the Black experience and the complexity of the challenges facing Black people as they navigate life and politics in an America lead by Donald Trump, clearly not a supporter of Black liberation or Black progress.”

– Christopher Whitt

Associate Professor of Political Science at Augustana College

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