New Venture Launchpad

Author(s): Kevin Cox, Roland Kidwell

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021


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New Venture Launchpad provides the next generation of entrepreneurs a complete and contemporary guide to launching a new business venture. Built on a foundation of widely validated and empirically derived techniques and strategies, the workbook and associated program provide entrepreneurs with a proven and scientific approach to launching a business. The content takes participants from ideation through new venture financing to growth, while covering everything in between.

New Venture Launchpad brings together best in class content, techniques, and strategies for entrepreneurs resulting in a complete practitioner’s guide. The authors draw from extensive experience working directly with more than 500 new business ventures. The invaluable insight gained through working with and within such a variety of ventures spanning every stage, industry, and circumstance guarantees that even in the uncertain and unpredictable arena of entrepreneurship, New Venture Launchpad provides expert guidance for every scenario.

Phase 1 Introduction and Overview
Introduction to New Venture Launchpad
Instructor Introduction(s)
Student Introductions
What Is Entrepreneurship?
Course/Training Overview

Phase 2 A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurship
Historical Approaches and Methodologies
A Modern and Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurship
Finding Answers and Applying a Scientific Approach to New Venture Creation
Business Model

Phase 3 New Venture Ideation/Opportunity Recognition and Creation
New Venture Ideas (Identifying a Problem)
Unmet Demand and Other Perceived Needs
Value Proposition
Resource Assessment

Phase 4 Value Proposition Validation and Customer Segments
Validating Your Value Proposition
Functional Prototypes and Interviews versus Behavior
Customer Segmentation/Target Market

Phase 5 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Competitive Landscape
Customer Relationship Management
Competitive Landscape

Phase 6 Channels of Distribution
Distribution Channels and Nature of Product/Service
Selecting a Distribution Strategy
Direct, Indirect, and Licensing
Channel Incentivization

Phase 7 Essential Resources Requirements
Human/Intellectual Capital Resources
Financial Capital Resources
Physical Capital Resources
Relationship Between and Across Resources

Phase 8 Essential Partners and Essential Tasks
Partners and Vendors
Essential Operational Tasks

Phase 9 Expenses, Revenue Model and Cash Flow Generation
Types of Revenue Models
Revenue Sources, Stream Management, and Pricing
Expenses and Cash Flow Management
Bookkeeping and Financial Analysis/Viability

Phase 10 Putting It All Together and Pitching
Validating the Entire Business Model
Developing A Pitch
Executing a Pitch
Additional Considerations

Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (STE)

STE 1 New Venture Finance Debt, Equity, and Bootstrapping
Essentials of Financing Start-up and Growth Costs
Bootstrapping as an Alternative to Debt and Equity: The Essentials
Nontraditional or Alternative Funding Sources and Strategies

STE 2 Intellectual Property

STE 3 Legal Forms of Business
Overview of Common Legal Forms of Business and Practical Advice
Quick Guide for Legal Form Characteristics

STE 4 Regulatory Issues

STE 5 Franchising
Franchising Your Business
Buying a Franchise to Operate as Franchisee
Legal Aspects of the Franchise Relationship
International Franchising

STE 7 Social Entrepreneurship

STE 8 Marketing, Advertising, Branding, and Public Relations

STE 9 The Entrepreneurial Family Firm

Kevin Cox

Roland Kidwell

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ISBN 9781792466649

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