Obesity Explosion: The Collision of Nutrition, Culture, Politics, & Food

Author(s): Joseph L. Dixon

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020


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PART I Introduction—The Mystery of Obesity—When Did Obesity Explosion Occur?
1 Where Did Obesity Come From?
2 What is Obesity and When did the Obesity Explosion Start in the U.S.?

PART II Early Humans, Changes to our Food, and Factors that Led to the Obesity Explosion
3 Ancient Societies—The Dominance of Principal Starches as Food
4 Factors that Led up to the Obesity Explosion
5 Changes in the Sources of Carbohydrates and Protein Over the Past 150 Years
6 Changes in the Sources of Fat in Our Diet Over the Past 150 Years
7 The Day Obesity was Born–The Birth of the Complex Artificial Flavor

PART III Yesterday and Today: How America Changed During the 20th Century–Obesity and Modern Culture
8 Growing Up Before the Obesity Explosion
9 Americans in the 1960s Before the Obesity Explosion
10 Food–In and Out of the Home
11 The Role of Digital Media in the Obesity Explosion
12 The Contribution of Politics and Income Inequality to the Obesity Explosion

PART IV How to Strive for Health
13 The Right Kind of Exercise is Important
14 Why Classic Diets Fail!
15 The Healthy Mediterranean Diet
16 How to Enhance the Mediterranean Diet–The Moderate Carbohydrate Intervention
17 Some Recent Studies that Have Reinforced My Thinking on the Obesity Explosion
18 Summary of the Obesity Explosion

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Joseph L. Dixon

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