Oklahoma Government and Politics: An Introduction

Author(s): Brett Sharp, Jan C. Hardt, Chris L Markwood, JOHN R. WOOD

Edition: 7

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 448

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The information in Oklahoma Government and Politics: An Introduction helps to create educated and informed citizens and perhaps educated and informed civic leaders as well.  A culmination of articles written by experts on Oklahoma government and politics, the publication examines cultural and Constitutional contexts of Oklahoma, the legislative and executive branches of government, the state court system, tax system, education system, and much more.

In addition, the publication includes a foreword by Governor Kevin Sitt, a list of leadership profiles and chapters dedicated to trending topics such as environmental policy and emergency management.

List of Tables
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List of Leadership Profiles
Foreword by Governor J. Kevin Stitt

CHAPTER 1 Oklahoma’s Constitution and Political 1 System in Cultural Context
Brett S. Sharp and Christopher L. Markwood

CHAPTER 2 Oklahoma Intergovernmental Relations 2 in a Federalist System
Christopher L. Markwood and Brett S. Sharp

CHAPTER 3 Modern Sequoyah: Native American Power 3 in Oklahoma Politics
Christine C. Pappas

CHAPTER 4 Oklahoma’s Changing Economic Profile
Loren C. Gatch

CHAPTER 5 The Oklahoma Legislature
Jan C. Hardt

CHAPTER 6 Oklahoma’s Governor and Elected Executives
Kenneth P. Kickham

CHAPTER 7 Practicing Public Administration in Oklahoma
Brett S. Sharp and Steven W. Housel

CHAPTER 8 The Oklahoma Judiciary
Keith Rollin Eakins

CHAPTER 9 Oklahoma and the Supreme Court of the United States
Keith Rollin Eakins

CHAPTER 10 Parties, Elections, and Political Participation in Oklahoma
Jan C. Hardt

CHAPTER 11 Interest Groups and Campaign Finance in Oklahoma
Jan C. Hardt

CHAPTER 12 The Oklahoma Tax System
Loren C. Gatch and James P. Davenport

CHAPTER 13 Municipal and County Government in Oklahoma
Deborah D. Ferrell-Lynn and John R. Wood

CHAPTER 14 Policymaking through the Lens of Climate Change: Ethical, Economic, and Political Perspectives
Alyssa L. Provencio and Shanna D. Padgham

CHAPTER 15 Oklahoma’s Environmental Policy: Complexity in a Traditionalist State
John R. Wood

CHAPTER 16 Education Policy in Oklahoma
Elizabeth S. Overman and Markus S. Smith

CHAPTER 17 Emergency Management in Oklahoma: Interagency Relationships in Times of Disaster
Alyssa L. Provencio


Brett Sharp

Jan C. Hardt

Chris L Markwood


This informative, comprehensive, and scholarly examination of Oklahoma state and local government...”  is  “a valuable owner’s manual.  Read it closely.  A lot is at stake.
Former Governor Brad Henry

Contributors dissect Oklahoma state and local government with a discerning eye in this volume, drawing on state history and the writings of other scholars to describe our government, tell how it got that way, and predict where it is headed in the future.
Former Governor Frank Keating

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ISBN 9781524993962

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