Online Survival Guide: Navigating the Terrain of Online Education

Author(s): Jennifer Graham, Lynne Manion

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 94

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From an early age, most children are taught how to learn in a classroom; however, there are few equivalent opportunities in the virtual world. Beyond training on how to use Learning Management Systems (LMS), tutorials offering basic tips, and apps that act as LMS dashboards on mobile devices, there are few comprehensive resources to guide students through the steps to be successful in online courses.

The behaviors required to be successful in online classes are not intuitive, nor are they learned through a one-time orientation. Such skills need to become embedded in the mindset of online students. The authors’ research indicates that this process takes time, with constant reminders and support for online learners throughout their experience. Over the past three years, the authors have surveyed hundreds of college students and conducted one-on-one interviews with students who volunteered to share their experiences in depth. One message has become resoundingly clear: not understanding how to navigate the online world is a barrier to academic success and degree persistence. For students to be retained in their online courses, they need to be provided with guidance and support.

Online Survival Guide: Navigating the Terrain of Online Education is the fruit of the authors’ research, transforming the barriers students identified into practical materials to support online learners regardless of their age.

This book can fill in the gaps identified by students. Online Survival Guide: Navigating the Terrain of Online Education is designed for traditional college students, non-traditional students who may be entering the world of online education for the first time, and younger students who may be learning online as part of their traditional education system or transitioning into higher education.

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Author Bios 

1 What to Expect from an Online Class 

2 Before Class Starts 

3 The First Week of Class

4 Time Management

5 Communication

6 Grades and Feedback

7 You’re Behind – Now What?

8 At the End of Class


Jennifer Graham

Dr. Jennifer Graham is an English/communications instructor at Northern Maine Community College. She graduated with an EdD in educational leadership from the University of New England. Since graduation, she has been pursuing her research interests in student retention and online education. Jen has been teaching online for almost two decades.

Lynne Manion

Dr. Lynne Nelson Manion is a social science instructor at Eastern Maine Community College. Lynne graduated with a PhD in history from the University of Maine. Almost a decade ago, Lynne became a passionate proponent of the online classroom and has been creating, revamping, and delivering online social science courses almost exclusively. When not teaching online, Lynne, with co-author Dr. Graham, presents their online research at international, national, and regional conferences.

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ISBN 9781792420009

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