Operations and Supply Management


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The goal of Operations and Supply Chain Management is to present operations and supply chain management for nonbusiness majors from a practitioner’s approach rather than the standard academic approach to a study of operations and supply chain management. Carl von Clausewitz wrote a book in the early 1800s on military strategy based on the observations of the Napoleonic Wars. In his book, On War , Clausewitz stated that all things change when you go from the abstract to the concrete. This is as true for the study of operations and supply chain management as it is for the study of military strategy. This text is designed to give the nonbusiness student at the undergraduate and graduate levels an understanding of the principles of the operations chain and supply chain management. The goal of the book is to show the students the concrete or real-world applications rather than just the academic or abstract view of operations.

This text is designed to provide a foundation in the principles of operations using real-world examples and then provide the student with a working knowledge of supply chain management to enable the student to grasp the concepts and apply them in the ultimate laboratory—the global business world. Operations and supply chain management are part of the biggest team sport in the world—commercial business. It is imperative that students of all majors understand business principles in order to succeed in whatever business that they end up in.

Introduction: The Operations Management Chain
Chapter 1 An Introduction to Operations Management
Chapter 2 Strategies: Developing Strategy and Converting Strategy to Actions
Chapter 3 Decision Making and the Operations Management Chain
Chapter 4 Quality and Operations Management
Chapter 5 Supply Chain Management
Chapter 6 Program Management and Project Management
Chapter 7 Product Design
Chapter 8 Production/Process Design
Chapter 9 Productivity
Chapter 10 Facility Layout Design and Location Analysis
Chapter 11 Capacity Planning and Scheduling
Chapter 12 Inventory Management
Chapter 13 Logistics/Warehousing/Distribution Management
Chapter 14 Just-in-Time/Lean/The Theory of Constraints/Six Sigma
Chapter 15 Forecasting
Chapter 16 Reverse Logistics
Chapter 17 Supply Chain Leadership
Chapter 18 Supply Chain Preparedness
Chapter 19 Professional Organizations
Answers/Solutions to Select Questions from the Chapters


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ISBN 9781524966539

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