Operations Management in an Information Age

Author(s): Barry E King

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2007

Pages: 360

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1 Operations Management 

2 The Great Nuclear Fizzle at Old B & W 

3 Westerville Distributors

4 Independent Demand with Continuous Review

5 Peter's Closed

6 The Power of Virtual Integration: an Interview with Dell Computer's

Michael Dell

7 Independent Demand with Periodic Review

8 Ford Motor Company: Supply Chain Strategy

9 Bulldog Bikes

10 Dependent Demand

11 MRP Teaching Note: An Annotated Example

12 Order Policies under MRP

13 Margot R. Phargaux: MRP at Bulldog Bikes

14 Shop Floor Control.

15 The Focused Factory Concept

16 Black and Decker

17 Japanese Manufacturing

18 Eliminate the Middleman?

19 Benihana of Tokyo

20 Location

21 Forecasting

22 Purdue National Bank: Part A

23 Competing on Analytics

24 Benihana UK (Ltd.)

25 Productivity

26 Workforce Scheduling

27 Productivity Center Management at Seventh Wave Technology

Using Mathematical Programming

28 Strategies for Altering Demand in Service Organizations

29 The Queuing Phenomenon

30 How Cost Accounting Distorts Product Costs

31 Activity Based Costing

32 Project Management

33 Contemporary Energies, Incorporated

Appendix A - Guidelines for Writing Business Reports
Appendix B - Normal Table

Barry E King

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ISBN 9780757538124

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