Opportunities: Transforming Educational Research and Teaching Practices

Author(s): Steven Witt

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 188

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Our educational world is in a constant battle. Teachers race through the day in an attempt to race to the top. They struggle for quality time with their students and are constantly being second guessed by politicians and parents. School days are organized around assessments and punctuated by frequent interruptions.

Opportunities: Transforming Educational Research and Teaching Practices is a learning journey for all teachers and educational leaders who want to transform their practice.

Steven Witt’s Opportunities: Transforming Educational Research and Teaching Practices:

  • Engages readers to think carefully and deeply about one’s pedagogical perspectives; stimulating readers to explore key assumptions forming the bedrock of his/her professional lives.
  • Encourages readers to stop assigning large amounts of homework that was not meaningful and instead connect and empower their students with more choice.
  • Includes the author’s narrative account of his own transformative learning journey.
  • Describes the pathway of transformative learning, includes an account of the latest theories of educational research, and draws on newer research paradigms that celebrate development of the researcher’s self-knowledge.
  • Integrates activities that guide and encourage readers.



Chapter One
My Opportunity
From the Inside Out
Moving Forward

Chapter Two—Opportunities
Introduction—Opportunity Knocks
A Promising Transformation Leads to Successful Practices
Collaborative Opportunities
Collaborate, Build Relationships, and Communicate

Chapter Three—Creating a Wave
An Overview of Educational Research—Taking a Risk
Integral Approach to Community and Global Change
Reflection and Action

Chapter Four—Literature Review
The Literature Review
Synthesizing and Analyzing the Landscape

Chapter Five—Narrative Inquiry: Transforms Professional Development
Narrative Inquiry—The Pathways
Telling the Truth
Add Our Voice
Who Are We?
Theory to Practice

Chapter Six—Strategies for Success
Research Plan

Chapter Seven—Writing
The Writing Process
Meeting a Deadline
Getting Feedback
Final Thoughts

Chapter Eight—Transformed
The Very First Day
Creating a Space for a Community of Truth
Where Do I Begin?
I Am a Teacher?
Opposed to a Lot of Teachers on Campus
Come Sail Away—Metaphors That Define Us
I Have All the Answers?
Back to the First Day
A Prayer Answered
Grade School
High School
College and the Emergence of My Teaching Identity
Gaining My Teaching Voice—My Preservice Teachers Speak Out

Chapter Nine—These Are My Children You Are Teaching
Seeking Diversity
Autobiographical Stories
Oh, the Places I’ll Go
“What If I Mess This Up?” My Biggest Fear
Reaching Beyond
We Are How We Teach
The Connections We Make
We Define Ourselves
Class Is Ending, but the Journey Is Beginning

Chapter Ten—New Opportunities
Generating Our Own Teaching Theories
Dreaming Beyond What I Can Be
Being Transformed Is a Heart and Soul Endeavor

My Life Unconstrained
New Opportunities


Steven Witt

Highly effective teacher and educational leader. PhD scholar and researcher with knowledge in current best practice educational theory and methods. A national and international presenter with knowledge in student engagement and literacy practices. A published author and has presented on literacy methods on four different continents. He is focused on helping schools reach academic excellence. Effectively leads a large graduate education program and partners with local school districts. 

Founder and Executive Director of EdAchieve a non-profit organization created to ensure quality academic achievement across the community for all children - especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds so that children of diverse backgrounds will be prepared to excel in the 21st century.

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ISBN 9781524961466

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