PDCCC Your Ticket to Success: A Customized Version of College Career Success by Marsha Fralick for Paul D. Camp Com College

Author(s): Paul D Camp Community College

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 463

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College Success
          Chapter 1 Paul D. Camp Information
          Chapter 2 Understanding Motivation
          Chapter 3 Using Brain Science to Improve Study Skills
          Chapter 4 Taking Notes. Writing, and Speaking
          Chapter 5 Use Brain Science to Improve Memory
          Chapter 6 Test Taking

Career Success
          Chapter 7 Think Critically and Creatively
          Chapter 8 Exploring Your Personality and Major
          Chapter 9 Exploring Multiple Intelligences, Interests, and Values
          Chapter 10 Planning Your Career and Education

Lifelong Success
          Chapter 11 Managing Time and Money
          Chapter 12 Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
          Chapter 13 Communication and Relationships
          Chapter 14 Appreciating Diversity
          Chapter 15 Thinking Positively about the Future

Paul D Camp Community College

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ISBN 9781524982966

Details Electronic Delivery EBOOK 180 days