Personal + Community Health

Author(s): Joni Marr Boyd, Shelley D Hamill

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 304


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Personal + Community Health by Dr. Joni Boyd and Dr. Shelley Hamill is a complete guide to health for college students. It concentrates on all areas of wellness and focuses equally on physical, mental, emotional, and relational health. Personal + Community Health also includes numerous opportunities for self-assessment and details of how to build healthy habits and maintain them with intentionality. With examples tailored specifically to the college experience, students will discover helpful, applicable information again and again.

Personal + Community Health by Dr. Joni Boyd and Dr. Shelley Hamill features:

  • Pre-Assessments of each chapter to get students engaged and thinking about the material.
  • Content that is current and applicable for personal and community health issues of today.
  • Activities and information tailored to the specific demographics of Winthrop University students.
  • Information about on campus resources for students to maximize health, well-being, and academic success.

Acknowledgments Welcome to Personal and Community Health!

Chapter 1 Foundations of Health.

Chapter 2 Stress Management.

Chapter 3 Psychological Health.

Chapter 4 Physical Activity and Exercise.

Chapter 5 Nutrition.

Chapter 6 Healthy Relationships .

Chapter 7 Sexual Health.

Chapter 8 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs.

Chapter 9 Human Diseases .

Chapter 10 Safety Awareness .

Joni Marr Boyd

Dr. Joni Boyd is an assistant professor of exercise science, and received her PhD in exercise science – health aspects of physical activity from University of South Carolina.  She has certifications in strength and conditioning (NSCA-CSCS) and exercise physiology (ACSM –CEP).  She has 10 years of experience teaching health, fitness, and physiology based courses within college, and spent three years teaching healthy habits to elementary school children.  She has national and international publications within health and exercise fields, and enjoys conducting research on various health related topics, including: health and religion, health and athletes, and health behaviors of college students.  She is passionate about education, health, and loving life. 

Shelley D Hamill

Dr. Shelley Hamill is a professor and Master Certified Health Education Specialist with over 30 years combined teaching at the collegiate, middle and elementary levels. She teaches courses in pedagogy, sexuality, women’s health and health promotion at Winthrop University. She has made numerous presentations at state, regional, and national conferences on varying health issues and pedagogical strategies as well as having published on those same topics. Dr. Hamill has been recognized for her work and service to the community having received numerous awards and citations including recognition from former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher for her work with Tribal Communities around the issues of HIV/STIs, and substance abuse.

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ISBN 9781792409417

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