Personal Empowerment: Empower the Leader Within You

Author(s): Sandro Formica

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 426

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Across their lifetime, undergraduate students will have studied from 22,000 to 26,000 hours whereas graduate students will have studied 31,000 to 35,000 hours. They will have explored many subjects, from literature to technology, from science to management. When asked how many hours they have studied themselves, most students realize that not even an hour was dedicated to explore, understand, and develop their inner growth as part of the current educational system.

Success in your personal and professional life can only be achieved when all parts of you, from your emotional self, to your imagination, are fully understood, supported and skillfully operated. It is not a coincidence that emotional intelligence has been found to be the most influential trait of successful leaders. Similarly, using imagination has been credited by Oprah, Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela as a fundamental skill for achieving success. Why didn’t we study these subjects in school?

Personal Empowerment: Empower the Leader Within You provides you with a holistic, practical, and highly experiential approach to study and understand yourself. You will be introduced to new aspects of you and will explore and effectively use inner tools that have been ignored and left unused for many years. This book is filled with exercises that will challenge you to design a new you and activate your full potential.

CHAPTER 1 Why Personal Empowerment? 
What Should You Expect from This Book?
Do You Want to Be: Educated or Empowered?
The Building Blocks of Personal Empowerment

CHAPTER 2 Your Needs 
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
On the Way to Self-Actualization

CHAPTER 3 Your Values
What Are Your Values?
Are You Living in Alignment with Your Values?
How Can You Use Your Values to Become More Successful?
Understanding Others’ Values

CHAPTER 4 Your Talents and Skills
Your Hard Skills
Your Soft Skills
Your Natural Talents
You Know Your Skills and Talents: What Now?
Matching Your Talents with Your Current and Future Skills

CHAPTER 5 Your Programming 
Getting to Know Your Thoughts
Becoming More Aware of Your Thoughts—Surfacing Them
Becoming More Aware of Your Thoughts—Notice How You Feel
Becoming More Aware of Your Thoughts—What Is the Opposite of What I Do Not Want?
Where Do Your Thoughts Come From?
How to Surface Your Unsupportive Beliefs
Getting to Know Your Self-Defeating Beliefs
Changing Your Beliefs

CHAPTER 6 Your Emotions 
What Are Emotions?
Understanding Your Emotions Based on the Four Feeling Groups
How Do Emotions Manifest?
How Can You Measure Your Emotions?
Managing Your Emotions

CHAPTER 7 Your Communication Skills
Why Communication?
Are You a Good Communicator?
Improve Your Communication Effectiveness
Non-Violent Communication: Expressing What Is Alive Inside of You

CHAPTER 8 Your Life Purpose
What Is a Life Purpose?
Benefits of Knowing Your Life Purpose
Finding Your Life Purpose
The Entrepreneurial Spirit That Is Inside of You
Envisioning and Formulating Your Life Purpose

CHAPTER 9 Your Imagination
Imagination Defined
Science and Imagination
Intended Imagination
The Necessary Steps in Using My Imagination

CHAPTER 10 Your Life Plan
Planning Your Life
What Do You Really Want?
Planning Your Time and Timing Your Plan
Your Vision Statement
Your Goals
Your Habits and Rituals
Your Action Plan

CHAPTER 11 Conclusion

Sandro Formica

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ISBN 9781524943295

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