Phonics to Word Study: Simulations for Teacher Education

Author(s): Michael Mott

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 136


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Phonics to Word Study: Simulations for Teacher Education is a specialized workbook for education students enrolled in literacy methods coursework to learn how to teach the differentiated reading skills of phonics and word level reading as a key component of the broader reading curriculum. Utilizing the process of simulation students experience sample K-6 grade level developmental spelling assessment results in order to design game-driven small group lessons and activities for the elementary classroom. The higher education student subsequently practices teaching these differentiated game-driven lessons with peers in small-groups as a way to prepare for teaching children in the classroom.

I. Rationale for Phonics to Word Study Simulation
Learning How to Teach Literacy with Simulations

II. How to use This Book
Using Assessment to Drive Instruction for Small-Group
Phonics and Word Study Games for Application of Skill
Assess, Teach, Play, and Repeat!

III. Essential Components of Literacy
Overview of Literacy: Where Phonics and Word Study Fit the Big Picture

IV. The Phonics to Word Study Continuum
Developmental Learning of Reading Skill

V. Developmental Spelling Assessment
Assessing Student Phonics and Word Recognition
Sample-Scrambled Student Results for Targeted Teaching Small Groups
Set Small Group: Analyze Spellings with Section IV Continuum

VI. Lesson Planning and Work-Game Stations for Small
Teaching the Games via Direct Systematic Instruction Based upon Assessment Results
Game Directions and High-Specificity Objectives

Appendix A. Card Cutouts for Game-Driven Sets
8—Cutout Cards for Emergent Spellers
8—Cutout Cards for Letter Name-Beginning
8—Cutout Cards for Letter Name-Intermediate
8—Cutout Cards for Letter Name-Advanced
8—Cutout Cards for Within Word-Beginning
8—Cutout Cards for Within Word-Intermediate
8—Cutout Cards for Within Word-Advanced
8—Cutout Cards for Syllables and Affixes
8—Cutout Cards for Derivational Relations

Appendix B. Game Boards
Emergent Spellers-Phonological Awareness
Letter Name-Beginning
Letter Name-Intermediate
Letter Name-Advanced
Within Word-Beginning
Within Word-Intermediate
Within Word-Advanced
Syllables and Affixes
Derivational Relations

Michael Mott

Michael S. Mott, Ph.D., M.S. is Associate Professor of Teacher Education at The University of Mississippi, School of Education. Dr. Mott is a former classroom teacher in the New York City Public Schools, Lowell School in Washington, D.C., and K-12 curriculum consultant and higher educator in the Chicago region. He has graduate degrees from the Bank Street School of Education and Mississippi State University and an undergraduate degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

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ISBN 9781792461019

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