The Pips of Child Life II: Early Play Programs in Hospitals

Author(s): Joan C. Turner, Civita A. Brown

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 146


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The Pips of Child Life Series is essential material for child life and play specialists, health care professionals, students, educators, and scholars interested in the history of psychosocial care of children and families in hospitals.

Designed for students majoring in early childhood, psychology, child development, or education, The Pips of Child Life Series is a two book series that offers a glimpse into the early play activities and programs in hospitals and the women who led the way through the late 1990s. Editors Joan Turner and Civita Brown relate the development of child life to universal theories, world events, and changes within the field of health care.

As the first collection to explore these changes, The Pips of Child Life: The Middle Years of Play Programs in Hospitals covers the late 1970s through the late 1990s – an exciting period of advances in science and technology in medicine and health care. During this time, advocacy for the care of children in hospitals was transformed from an adult-centered approach to a focus on the needs of the child and family first.

The Pips of Child Life: The Middle Years of Play Programs in Hospitals edited by Joan Turner and Civita Brown:

  • Shares key features relating to the development of the child life profession through stories and complemented with profiles of eight leaders.
  • as inspired by the Child Life Council Archives at Utica College
  • Begins with the establishment of the name “child life,” a history of important milestones of the profession—certification, professional conferences, education, and curriculum.
  • Illuminates the essence of the child life profession: attentiveness to the needs and interests of the child

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Kathleen McCue

Contributing Authors

Joan Turner

Chapter 1 Context of the Middle Years: Parallel Developments in Pediatric Medicine and Health Care
Amy Caruso Brown and Civita Brown
Profile: Dr. T. B. Brazelton
Civita Brown

Chapter 2 Child Life Identity: What’s in a Name, Revisited
Susan Marchant
Profile: Richard Thompson
Stefi Rubin

Chapter 3 Play: It’s not the Icing on the Cake; It Is the Cake
Leslie C. Grissim
Profile: Rosemary Bolig
Jerriann Wilson

Chapter 4 We Help Children Get to Their Future
Lois Pearson
Profile: Joan Chan
Lois Pearson

Chapter 5 We Focus on the Child First
Joan Turner
Profile: Ruth Kettner
Joan Turner       

Chapter 6 Child Life Certification: The Biggest Milestone for the Profession
Jerriann Wilson with Chris Brown
Profile: Gene Stanford
Civita Brown

Chapter 7 Conferences: Where Child Life Specialists Gather
Joan Turner
Profile: Evelyn Oremland
Leslie Grissim with Leah Howley

Chapter 8 The Development of Early Academic Programs
Anita H. Pumphrey
Profile: Ruth Snider
Cathy Humphreys

Joan C. Turner

Joan Turner is an associate professor in the department of Child and Youth Study at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Joan was the recipient of The Eleanor Blumenthal Fellowship at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Human Development and Family Studies where she graduated with a doctorate in 2002. She was formerly a child life specialist at Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre. A certified child life specialist, she has been an active member of the Child Life Council including executive editor of the Bulletin/Focus publication and member of the Archives Management Committee. Joan authored “Theoretical Foundations of Child Life Practice” in The Handbook of Child Life (Thompson, 2009), has published journal articles, and presented at many child life conferences. Turner co-edited, The Pips of Child Life: Early Play Programs in Hospitals with Civita Brown published in 2014.

Civita A. Brown

Civita A. Brown is an adjunct professor and oversees the Child Life Council Archives at Utica College. A certified child life specialist, she has been in the child life and teaching professions for over 30 years. Her research interests include the history of child life and the reduction of stress and anxiety of children prior to surgery. She implemented the CORE/BOCES Child Life Services Program in Oneida County, the first program of its kind in the United States. She also acts as a consultant to area hospitals. Prior to entering academia, she started the first child life program at St. Elizabeth Medical Center and served as Director of Child Life from 1977 to 1981. In addition to teaching, she has given many presentations and workshops on child life issues. She is the author of “The School Setting” in Child Life Beyond the Hospital, as well as several articles and abstracts. Her national involvement includes being co-chair of the Child Life Council Archives Management Group since 2001. She co-edited The Pips of Child Life: Early Play Programs in Hospitals published in 2014.

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ISBN 9781465295170

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