Plant Production Systems: Food, Fuel, Feed, Fiber

Author(s): Russell E Mullen

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2011


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Plant Production Systems: Food, Fuel, Feed, Fiber provides a solid foundation of the principles and information necessary to understand the management and problems facing agricultural systems throughout the world. This text includes introductory concepts of plant, soil, tillage, pest, environmental, and sustainable aspects of crop production.

Plant Product Systems encourages your students to:

  • Develop an appreciation of the importance of crops in our society.
  • Acquire the knowledge of agro-ecology, environmental risks, and sustainability practices for crop agriculture.
  • Anticipate and respond to societal needs relative to food and fiber production.
  • Identify, develop, and deliver appropriate information and technologies for agronomic practice.
  • Practice and reinforce what they've learned through an included companion website with online learning tools, quizzes, and self-assessments.  

This text is designed to stress broadly applicable principles and concepts in agronomic science so that instructors can help students apply agronomic science to understand production examples in their own area. This allows instructors to use domestic and international agricultural examples to reinforce the textual material. Adopting this program will prepare your students for successful careers in agronomy and related agricultural sciences.

1. Crop Plant Anatomy

2. Crop Plant Classification and Identification

3. Crop Physiology

4. Climate

5. Soils

6. Soil Water

7. Tillage and Seeding

8. Plant Breeding

9. Seed and Grain Quality

10. Weed Management

11. Insect Management

12. Crop Disease Management

13. Crop Harvesting and Storage


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Russell E Mullen

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