The Poppies of Troy

Author(s): John Walsh

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021


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The Poppies of Troy revisits the ancient epic story of the Trojan War and retells it through the medium of a graphic novel. In an exciting version that honors much of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, the author uses certain aspects of these epics from the 8th century BC to address contemporary issues of the utmost relevance: violence, war, patriotism, honor, gender, and even pandemics are all confronted in this timeless tale. This novel is an ideal learning platform both for those interested in engaging students in an accessible and relevant discussion of ancient Greek myth and culture, but also for those who may wish to examine complex contemporary societal questions raised by the Greek classics. Much of the art and text offers useful points of reference for the educator to discuss Greek culture, literature, mythology, and art. And, the companion website contains useful supplementary material presented by the author himself to support classroom discussion. As an examination of the horrific impact of war on societies and individuals, this graphic novel is a timely contribution to contemporary discourse.

Introduction  Dramatis Personae 

Chapter 1 : Thunder on Olympus

Chapter 2 : A Prodigal Son 

Chapter 3 : Fruit of the Poisonous Tree 

Chapter 4 : Heartfelt Wounds

Chapter 5 : The Gathering Storm 

Chapter 6 : A Wind from the West 

Chapter 7 : Let Slip the Dog of Wars

Chapter 8 : Stalemate 

Chapter 9 : Live and Let Live

Chapter 10 : Where’s His Beautiful Head?

Chapter 11 : Pawns in a Game 

Chapter 12 : Götterdämmerung 

Epilogue : Dulce et Decorum Est


John Walsh

John Walsh is a Classicist who teaches at the University of Guelph, Canada. His PhD and chief research interests are in the field of Hellenistic literature; however, he has published widely in the field of Classics. John now teaches at the same University he attended as an undergraduate, having returned after a lengthy sojourn, a personal odyssey of sorts, in the Antipodes. Through his teaching, he has seen firsthand that students embrace the themes raised in Homer with an urgency that suggests they find the ancient epics useful and relevant as they navigate their modern lives. This novel is presented in response to the questions they have raised in countless lectures, questions about the place of war, the objectification of women, and the nature of honor and masculinity in our culture. The work does not mean to offer answers but merely to frame some of the questions in a more recognizable context and help guide the reader to their own deeper understanding of the eternal riddle of human conflict.

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