Powerful Presentations that Connect

Author(s): Mark Johnson

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Copyright: 2019


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Have you ever asked these questions, “Why am I so afraid to speak? What does it take for me to overcome my fear and be a better speaker? How can I get a better response from my audience?” If you have, you need to know there is hope. There is most definitely a way to overcome your fear and be not only a good presenter, but a great one.

Powerful Presentations that Connect is written for those who hope they can do better with presenting. They see a keynote speaker at a conference and say, “Wow, I wish I could speak like that!” The reality is simple—they can! But it takes time and it takes practice. Also, the key is that practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect. You have to make note of how to improve and then each time you speak, intentionally make those adjustments as you speak. Doing it wrong again and again doesn’t make you better, it just develops bad habits.

Powerful Presentations that Connect is a guide to making distinctive improvements in how you present. It includes hundreds of tips the author has learned over the years in connecting with audiences and making connections. It includes examples and case studies of actual situations. It provides worksheets and practical examples to overcome typical presentation situations. By following these suggestions and incorporating them into your presentation delivery, you will soon see a much greater response to your presentations and greatly improved evaluation results at the end of your performance.


Chapter 1:
Know the Purpose of the Presentation
Chapter 2: Analyze Your Audience
Chapter 3: Connect with the Audience
Chapter 4: Analyze the Environment
Chapter 5: Make the Topic Fit the Group

Chapter 6:
Practice the Presentation
Chapter 7: Develop Effective Body Language
Chapter 8: Utilize Vocal Variety
Chapter 9: Deliver with Energy and Enthusiasm
Chapter 10: Use Technology Effectively
Chapter 11: Engage the Audience throughout the Presentation
Chapter 12: Check for Understanding throughout the Presentation


Mark Johnson

Dr. Mark L. Johnson, received a BSBA in 1983, a MS in Technical Teacher Education in 1987, and a Ed.S. in Industrial Education in 1989, all from PSU.  He received his Ed.D. in Vocational Education from the University of Arkansas in 1993. He is currently a University Professor in Technology and Workforce Learning in the College of Technology at PSU.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Johnson has been an advocate for student achievement and success, in and out of the classroom.  He has served on 5 national boards of directors in the field of career and technical Education, including President of the Association for Career and Technical Education T& I Division and a member of the ACTE National Board of Directors.  He is also a frequent presenter at state and national conferences.  He has been named as PSU Outstanding Faculty three times.  In 2000, he was named the National Career and Technical Educator of the Year by the national Association for Career and Technical Education.  Most recently, he has been contracted by the Entertainment Industry as a Training Consultant for the International Alliance of Theatrical and Motion Picture Stagehands all over North America, having taught more than 900 industry trainers in more than 30 cities across the US and Canada, as well as working with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, the Union of Painters and Allied Trades, the Utility Workers of America, and the United Alliance of Plumbers and Pipefitters.

Locally, he is involved in numerous activities.  He is a member of the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce and was awarded its Chamber Volunteer of the Year in 2012.  He is the co-chair of Youth Leadership, a program which he helped create, that has served more than 9000+ students in every school in Crawford County Kansas over the last 15 years.  He is a Distinguished Toastmaster and is Club Secretary for Gorilla Toastmasters. He served as Student Body President while a student at PSU.  He served as president of USD 250 School Board, Pittsburg. During the 2008-2009 school year, he served as PSU Faculty Senate President, making him the only student in PSU history to serve as president for both students and faculty at PSU. Similarly, his son Jeremy also served as PSU Student Body president in 2009, making them the only family in PSU history to have a father and son serve as PSU Student President.

Dr. Johnson resides in Pittsburg, KS, with his wife Jacki. Their three sons are: Jeremy, the Outstanding Senior of PSU Graduating class 2009, former Mayor for the City of Pittsburg and current Crawford County Commissioner; Josh, PSU Music Education grad and 2011 Teacher of Promise, San Juan Puerto Rico; and Logan, PSU Electronics Engineering grad and Project Specialist for GrayBar, Bentonville, AR. 

“I've been training OVER 30 years, but this course gave me a whole new perspective on how to improve my lesson plan and keep students more involved and interested.”
Anonymous student

“Excellent class, exceeded expectations. Dr. Johnson is a highly competent, well-seasoned instructor. I understand and highly value the work and effort that Dr. J. has put into his development.”
Anonymous student

“Very valuable training, excellent materials and a remarkable focus on the nuts and bolts of teaching and teaching techniques.”
Anonymous student

“Changed the whole way I am going to teach in the future. Build trust with students, simplify lessons, focus lessons, step-by-step, guided practice, peer reviewing, student-student, frequent assessing.”
Anonymous student

“It was really good to learn about creating effective PowerPoints. Breaking down duties down to steps. Always remember to teach what they need to know not what I know. Be the most dynamic thing in the room. Always be assessing. Don't be afraid of peer to peer review (criticism).”
Anonymous student

“Insights learned regarding visual learning. I will be reconstructing nearly all of my PowerPoints over time.”
Anonymous student

“Dr. Johnson not only changed the way I will teach a class, he changed the way I will teach a colleague on the job site.”
Anonymous student

“This was groundbreaking from start to finish. My entire training paradigm has shifted.”
Anonymous student

 “Exceeded all expectations! Helpful and fun way to improve any training class.”
Anonymous student

“Great analogues and examples. Effective examples of making abstract ideas more concrete. I felt empowered to try something new in my presentation. Great feedback opportunities. More visual Power Point instead of a repeat of notebook content.”
Anonymous studen

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