Practical Applications and Assessments for Fitness and Wellness: A Lab Manual

Author(s): Tony D Airhart

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2017


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Section 1
Wellness and Health Assessments
The Importance of Increasing Physical Activity
2008 Federal Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
Defining Physical Activity, Exercise, and Physical Fitness
Lab 1 Par-Q Medical Form
Lab 2 Health and Fitness Check
Lab 3 How Do You Rate on the Activity Pyramid?
Lab 4 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment
Lab 5 Cancer Risk Assessment
Lab 6 SMART Goal Setting

Section 2
Stress Assessment and Management
Stress and Its Impact
Lab 7 Common Stressors Among College Students
Lab 8 How Do You Respond to Stress?
Lab 9 Are You Sleep Deprived?

Section 3
Fitness Assessments
The Importance of Fitness Assessments
Lab 10 Fitness Assessments I – Student Fitness Testing Maximum Oxygen Uptake VO2 Max
Lab 11 Comparing Cardiovascular Fitness Measures Determining Your VO2 Max
Lab 12 Skill-Related Fitness Components Assessment
Lab 13 Body Composition/Disease Risk Assessments

Section 4
Nutrition for Health and Wellness
Essential Nutrients
Lab 14 Evaluate Your Eating Behavior
Lab 15 How to Calculate Your Daily Calorie Needs
Lab 16 Nutritional Analysis
Lab 17 Portion Control Quiz
Lab 18 Fast Food Lab
Lab 19 Marketing False Advertising, and Dietary Supplements

Section 5
Exercise Prescription
Muscular Tissue
The Anatomy of Skeletal Muscle
Skeletal Muscle Group Movements
Benefits of Resistance Training
Variables in Developing a Weight Training Program
How Does the Cardiorespiratory System Work?
Aerobic Training Effect on the Cardiorespiratory System
Maximum Oxygen Uptake – VO2 Max
Lab 20 Evaluating Your Exercise Program
Lab 21 Rating the Benefits of Physical Activity
Lab 22 Evaluating Activities by Health-Related Fitness Components
Lab 23 Target Heart for Aerobic Fitness
Lab 24 Aerobic Exercise Lab
Lab 25 Major Muscles and Muscles Groups
Lab 26 Determining the Repetition Maximum (1RM) to Establish the Training Load
Lab 27 Muscular Endurance Tests
Lab 28 Planning an Exercise Program – FITT Formula

Section 6
Wellness Re-Assessment
Lab 29 Re-Assessment of Factors that Influence Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Section 7
Percent Body Fat Estimate Chart – Men
Percent Body Fat Estimate Chart – Women
Student Fitness Assessments
Tests for Muscular Fitness
How to Measure Muscular Flexibility
Lab 17 Portion Distortion Quiz Answers

Tony D Airhart

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ISBN 9781524914066

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