Practically Magic: A Guide to Electrical and Computer Engineering

Author(s): Aaron Hawkins, Stephen Schultz, Gregory Nordin

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2018

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Practically Magic summarizes all of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) using an easily readable format. This text was designed for freshmen who are interested in pursuing a math/science/engineering major and those who are willing to consider Electrical and Computer Engineering. Each chapter provides intriguing history, concise explanations, and plenty of contemporary examples.

Practically Magic:

  • Allows readers to realize how electrical and computer engineers impact the world
  • Helps new students decide whether ECE is the right major for them
  • Inspires students pursuing an ECE degree to continue, gain an appreciation for all aspects of the field, and be pointed toward an area of ECE to specialize in

Practically Magic features a website component complete with online grade book and chapter assessments.

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Electromagnetic Transmission
Chapter 3 Signals and Systems
Chapter 4 Electronic Circuits
Chapter 5 Integrated Circuits
Chapter 6 Digital Logic
Chapter 7 Computer Systems
Chapter 8 Digital Information
Chapter 9 Controls
Chapter 10 Photonics
Chapter 11 Power
Chapter 12 Your Place in the Field

Aaron Hawkins

Stephen Schultz

Gregory Nordin

Related ISBN's: 9781524949969




ISBN 9781524949969

Details KHPContent 180 days