Practices and Techniques in Horticulture

Author(s): Ellen Peffley Harp, Cynthia Mckenney, Judith E. Wilmington, Richard Durham

Edition: 7

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 156


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The NEW 7th edition of Practices and Techniques in Horticulture has added some new exciting laboratory exercises as well as enhanced some of the previous activities. As students become more focused on the environment and sustainable plant production practices, we have evolved the book’s focus to include these issues.

Practices and Techniques in Horticulture is designed to be the first introduction to the plant sciences and may provide the experiential components for a course to meet the laboratory science requirements in some core curriculums.

Practices and Techniques in Horticulture features:

  • learning objectives
  • a list of needed materials is provided for the faculty.
  • sufficient laboratory exercises that may be selected to provide a complete academic semester.
  • review questions, work sheets and report instructions create the backbone to help set the tone for this general education laboratory science course.

The Science of Horticulture

Lab 1: The Scientific Method

Lab 2: General Procedures in Microscopy

Lab 3: A Study of Stomata and Guard Cells

Lab 4: Plant Structures I

Lab 5: Plant Structures II

Lab 6: Sexual Propagation/Seed Germination

Lab 7: Sexual Propagation/An Alternate Look at Seed


Lab 8: Seed Stratification

Lab 9: Light Effects

Lab 10: Transpiration

Lab 11: Identification of Herbaceous Plants

Lab 12: Identification of Woody Plants

Lab 13: Asexual Propagation

Lab 14: A Study of Insects

Lab 15: Hydroponic Production

The Art of Horticulture

Lab 16: Penjing/Bonsai

Lab 17: Topiary Art

Lab 18: Horticulture Industry Field Trip

Lab 19: Bulb Forcing (Flowering Bulb)

Lab 20: Urban Environmental Design

Lab 21: Judging Horticultural Products


Ellen Peffley Harp

Cynthia Mckenney

Cynthia McKenney is the former Rockwell Professor of Horticulture in the Department of Plant and Soil Science at Texas Tech University. During her 35 years on faculty at Texas Tech, she taught numerous courses in horticulture, including principles of horticulture, arboriculture, plant propagation, greenhouse crop production, and both herbaceous and woody plants. Dr. McKenney has been very involved in distance education since the late 1990’s developing numerous undergraduate courses that included laboratory exercises, as well as, multiple graduate courses. She has also participated in a USDA grant to create a graduate course on global horticulture and human nutrition to enhance community resilience and food security. Ultimately, Dr. McKenney taught over 10 courses via interactive video conferencing, online instruction, and blended formats. This resulted in her having student in several different countries in Europe and Asia. Dr. McKenney’s experience in distance education has provided her skills to aid in the development of many of the on-line features for this textbook. In addition to teaching, she has conducted research on water-conserving landscapes, native plants, and alternative food production systems. Her environmental viewpoint has added an additional dimension to this introductory plant science textbook.

Judith E. Wilmington

Richard Durham

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ISBN 9781792440229

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