Principles of Macro-Monetary Economics

Author(s): Kishore G Kulkarni

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2019

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Principles of Macro-Monetary Economics, 6th Edition, by Kishore G. Kulkarni has been revised to infuse modern literature, ideas, theories and updated data. It is an easy-to-understand text with clear cut explanation of terms. Students will benefit from the simplicity and straight-forward analysis in this edition.

Principles of Macro-Monetary Economics is ideal for a course that focuses on overall economic issues of GDP calculation, working of market system in a capitalistic economy, theories of consumption and investment, multiplier analysis, Fiscal and Monetary policy making in the U.S., and monetary theories of Keynes, classical economists and monetarists. The main objective of this text is to enable students to obtain basic understanding of economic thinking.

Also included is a workbook and access to the book's Web site.

About the Author

Chapter 1 Introduction and a Few Definitions

Chapter 2 Laws of Demand and Supply

Chapter 3 National Income Accounting and GDP Calculation

Chapter 4 Essence of Classical Economics: Pre-1930s Era

Chapter 5 The Keynesian Macroeconomics: Commodity or Product Market

Chapter 6 Money, Money Supply, and Banking Business in the United States, and the Money Creation Process of Banks

Chapter 7 Federal Reserve Banking and Monetary Policy Making in the U.S.

Chapter 8 The old Quantity Theory by Irving Fisher and Monetary Theory of Classical Economists

Chapter 9 The Keynesian Macro-Monetary Theory and Keynesian Chain

Chapter 10 Revised Quantity Theory of Money, the Optimum Monetary Policy, and Monetarism

Chapter 11 Inflation: Causes, Consequences, and Cures

Chapter 12 Business Fluctuations, Business Cycles, and Their Theoretical Explanations

Chapter 13 Phillips Curve Hypothesis: Old and New and Effectiveness of Macro Policies

Chapter 14 Expectations Hypotheses and Times Lags Involved in Policy Effectiveness

Chapter 15 Macro-Monetary Theory in Open Economy Setting: IS-LM and BB Curve Derivations and Mundell-Fleming Model

Chapter 16 Recent Developments in Macro-Monetary Theory: A Short Review

Chapter 17 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Analysis

Chapter 18 Fiscal and Monetary Policymaking in the United States: A Historical Review

Chapter 19 Financial and Macroeconomic Crisis in the US Economy 2008-2016

Chapter 20 Who Will Lead Global Growth? Slowing Trends Are the “New Normal”


Kishore G Kulkarni

Kishore G. Kulkarni has been the Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, Colorado since 1989. As an Adjunct Professor, he has also taught at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, Colorado State University and Colorado School of Mines. Prof. Kulkarni completed B.A. (Economics) (First Rank in Merit) and M.A. (Economics) (Second rank in Merit) degrees from the University of Poona (now called Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU)), India. He migrated to the U.S.A. in 1976 and completed M.A. (Economics) and Ph.D. (Economics) degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, before entering into his passion of full time teaching in 1980. His extra-ordinary teaching skills have brought him several teaching laurels including 2001 Outstanding Teaching Award by the Golden Key International Honor Society, inclusion of his biography in Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (1998) and Best Teaching Award by Student Economic Society, 2014. His simple and humorous teaching style enabled him to be selected in the Spring 1994 voyage of the Semester at Sea Program. He has also delivered many special lectures and seminars all over the world, traveling to around 30 countries.

Prof. Kulkarni has authored and/or edited (or co-authored and co-edited) nine books, some of which have become famous textbook adoptions in USA and Indian universities. The Sixth edition of his Macro textbook is published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company in 2019. He has authored (or co-authored) 160 refereed journal articles which have appeared in such journals as Global Business Review, Indian Economic Journal, Indian Journal of Economics, and many other journals in India and abroad. He has co-founded the Indian Journal of Economics and Business (IJEB) and organized it for 15 years (2001-2016), which is now replaced by the International Review of Business and Economics (IRBE) (see For his numerous research activities, Dr. Kulkarni was recognized with Outstanding Faculty Researcher/Scholar Award by the Golden Key International Honor Society in 1997. In 2004, the Faculty Senate of the Metropolitan State University of Denver handed him the “Distinguished Service Award,” and it was followed by the “Extra-ordinary Service Award” by the University President in 2010. In 2012, the Dean of the College of Business recognized him as the first “Distinguished Professor” in the college of business. All of his research articles can be seen on In May 2017, Non Resident Indians (NRI) Welfare Society of India honored him with the “Pravasi Ratan” award. In March 2019, the Federation of Business Disciplines (FBD) recognized him as the “Outstanding Educator Award” recipient.

To carry out his research activities, he has held Visiting Research Fellowships and has received many research grants from several institutions such as Institute of Humane Studies (IHS), Arlington VA, NIBM, Pune, RBI, Mumbai, IGIDR, Mumbai. Prof. Kulkarni resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife Jayashree, (M.Com and MBA) an accounting professor, and their daughters Lina (DDS, MS Orthodontics, married to Dr. Nicolas Politano; and Aditi (J.D., Business Attorney) married to Mr. Patrick Knight. His wife and Prof. Kulkarni have been regular tennis players at different levels for more than 40 years.

Photo contributed by Mrs. J. Kulkarni. © Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

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ISBN 9781792455902

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