Principles of Training for Fitness and Wellness

Author(s): Tony D Airhart

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2020


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Chapter 1 The Importance of Increasing Physical Activity and Exercise

Learning Objectives

Lab 1.1–Par-Q Medical Form/Informed Consent

Lab 1.2–How Do You Rate on the Activity Pyramid?

Lab 1.3–Rating the Benefits of Physical Activity

Lab 1.4–SMART Goals 

Lab 1.5–Health and Fitness Check

Chapter 2 Stress and its Impact

Learning Objectives

Lab 2.1–Common Stressors Among College Students

Lab 2.2–How Do You Respond to Stress?

Lab 2.3–Are You Sleep Deprived?

Lab 2.4–Stress Metric

Chapter 3 Assessing Physical Fitness

Learning Objectives

Lab 3.1–Student Pre-Test Assessment Form

Lab 3.2–Student Post-Test Assessment Form

Lab 3.3–Fitness Assessments Results

Lab 3.4–Body Composition/Disease Risk Assessments

Lab 3.5–Skill-Related Fitness Component Assessments

Lab 3.6–Evaluating Activities by Health-Related Fitness Components

Chapter 4 Essential Knowledge for Developing a Fitness Program

Learning Objectives

Lab 4.1–Evaluating your Exercise Program

Lab 4.2–How to Calculate Your Daily Calorie Needs

Lab 4.3–Planning an Exercise Program—FITT Formula

Lab 4.4–Determining Desired Body Weight According to Percent Body Fat

Chapter 5 Principles for Developing Muscular Strength and Endurance

Learning Objectives 

Lab 5.1–Major Muscles and Muscle Groups

Lab 5.2– Determining the One Repetition Maximum (1RM) and Establish the Training Loads

Lab 5.3–Assessing Muscular Endurance

Chapter 6 Principles for Developing Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Learning Objectives

Lab 6.1–Target Heart Rates for Aerobic Exercise

Lab 6.2–Aerobic Exercise Lab

Lab 6.3–Determining Your VO2 Max

Chapter 7 Principles for Developing Flexibility

Learning Objectives

Lab 7.1–Comparisons of Flexibility Assessments

Chapter 8 Basics of Nutrition

Learning Objectives

Lab 8.1–Evaluate Your Eating Behavior

Lab 8.2–Portion Distortion Quiz

Lab 8.3–Fast Food Lab

Lab 8.4–Nutrition Analysis (Nutriwellness)




  • Par-Q Medical Form
  • Percent Fat Estimate For Men (chart p.155 of Training and Exercise)
  • Percent Fat Estimate For Women (chart p.156 Training and Exercise)
  • Student Pre-Test Assessment Form
  • Student Post-Test Assessment Form
  • Norm Charts
  • Fitness Assessment Results
  • Workout Chart (5 pages)
  • Cardiorespiratory Exercise Log (5 pages)

Tony D Airhart

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