Processing the Law: A Holistic Approach

Author(s): Frank Primiani

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

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Processing the Law: A Holistic Approach uses the case study approach to teach textbook concepts. It gives students a total immersive experience in learning not only how the law functions in society, but also what it feels like to resolve a conflict or dispute in a work setting.


Chapter 1 The Thinking Process Applied to Law-Legal Briefing

Chapter 2 Substantive Law: The Historical Context

Chapter 3 Legal Procedure

Chapter 4 Constitutional Law: A Question of Balance

Chapter 5 Basic Criminal Law Principles

Chapter 6 Tort Law: Intentional

Chapter 7 Tort Law: Negligence and Strict Liability

Chapter 8 Property Law

Frank Primiani

Related ISBN's: 9781524987053




ISBN 9781524987053

Details KHPContent 180 days