Professional Selling in the 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times...

Author(s): John Dietrich, Cary C Nichols

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018


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Selling principles permeate throughout our daily lives….

Every job interview, relationship, team, or club one tries out for requires putting best sales skills and behavior forward.

Professional Selling in the 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times by John Dietrich and Cary Nichols not only demonstrates how readers can put concepts into practice, but examines how sales applies to ALL of our personal and professional lives as well.

Based on the authors’ 40+ years of sales and education experience, Professional Selling in the 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times:

  • Is Practical! The publication not only discusses the concepts, but presents a variety of ways to practice the behaviors right now – today!
  • Is Logical! To meet the structure of a typical undergraduate course, the text is divided into three categories: 1) Fundamentals of Building Relationships; 2) Targeting Your Audience and Positioning; and 3) Closing the Deal.
  • Challenges Readers! Each chapter includes a case study or homework assignment to spark classroom discussion and encourage readers to take and defend a position with specific reasoning, intellect, and problem-solving skills.

Chapter 1 Trust and Relatability

Chapter 2 Listening

Chapter 3 Sales Etiquette

Chapter 4 Networking and Prospecting

Chapter 5 Effective Communication

Chapter 6 Knowing Your Customers

Chapter 7 Overcoming Objection

Chapter 8 Positioning

Chapter 9 Closing the Deal

Chapter 10 Clients for Life

Chapter 11 What’s Next…for the Sales Professional

John Dietrich

John Dietrich is a Lecturer of Marketing and Sales at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, Arizona. In this capacity, Dietrich helps oversee the WP Carey School of Business’ Sales Program, and currently teaches Sales Management, Sales Essentials, and Business to Business Marketing. He is also the head coach for ASU’s traveling sales team, which ranked # 4 out of 65 major universities at the 2015 International Collegiate Sales Competition hosted by Florida State. ASU also ranked # 1 at the 2016 Liberty Mutual Sales Competition hosted at the University of Houston. Dietrich holds Masters degrees in Business Administration and Business Management. 

Cary C Nichols

Cary is a Strategic National Account Manager for ConvergeOne, an independent integrator of business communication, collaboration, and custom application solutions. Prior to joining ConvergeOne, Cary served as a Strategic National Sales Consultant in which he designed, managed, and deployed solutions for the global market. He managed a national territory with international presence serving Fortune 500 clients while maintaining 200% of quota year over year. Cary has been the recipient of the President’s and Leadership Council from 2006 – 2016, and earned company-wide recognition for “Largest Single Deal in Company History over $38 million.” 

The authors know marketing and sales front, back, and sideways. They understand it’s like playing 3-dimensional chess in the dark – and it takes practice, know-how, and smarts. If you read one book on how to achieve success in professional selling and how to communicate in a professional environment – grab this one and come along on the ride to learn more.
Mark Pfeifle, Former Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Global outreach at the White House

As the president of an engineering firm I am very focused on our marketing team. The authors had me hooked from the first chapter and I will be recommending this to my team as a must read!
Lee Granquist, President of Larson Engineering, Inc.

Professional Selling in the 21st Century is excellent. It is a blueprint for anyone who wants to be successful as a sales professional. This book teaches you the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of proper salesmanship. It’s written in a way that is easy to follow and learn from. It’s filled with realistic examples of how today’s sales person succeeds year after year. I really liked that the sales process is outlined for the reader. The chapters are connected, therefore, creating a fluid and transparent beginning, middle and end of what sales truly is today. If you’re ready to learn how to be a consistently successful sales professional, this book is a must read.
Mark David, President, The Mark David Corporation

If you are an undergraduate student considering a career in sales, this is a highly recommended read. You will gain meaningful insight on how to build enduring relationships that will bring success to both your professional and person life.
John Haydon, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company

As a student sales coach and instructor, I recommend this book to develop student confidence and success. The easy-to-apply techniques Dietrich and Nichols use, along with concise industry examples, help students visualize possible outcomes of their actions and deeply understand their application in any sales situation.
Jennifer Mitchell, Senior Marketing Lecturer, Northern Arizona University

This is a must read for anyone considering a successful career in sales. The concepts are foundational to establishing effective habits that will continue to contribute throughout their career. I would encourage everyone to considering applying the principles early and often in their journey towards a successful career in sales.
David A Swedler, Senior Director-Waste Management Corporate Sales

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