Project Management: Where Practical Meets Theory

Author(s): Eugene Spiegle, BENJAMIN RUFFLE

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2019


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History tells us that a great percentage of projects, especially large ones, have not ended successfully. It has also been said by some organizations that they would be happy just to have their projects finish with some degree of success. This last statement is not true, however, because today’s organizations expect projects to be completed faster, cheaper, and with the highest level of quality possible.

The most successful way to meet project objectives is through the utilization of practical and effective project processes and guidelines led by a qualified manager with strong people skills and an involved and committed project team. Considering size, complexity, and other characteristics of professional projects, success can only come from the use of project guidelines to conduct business and education of the project team in a coordinated fashion. Asking the team for involvement and commitment of tasks supported by measurability and verifiability is a winning combination for project success.

Providing the reader with the tools, concepts, and practical approaches to aid in managing and completing projects in line with agreed results and measurable and verifiable objectives, Project Management: Where Practical Meets Theory presents practical ways to become great leaders—helping others to become productive performers in their work environment.


Chapter 1— An Introduction to the History and Concepts of Project Management
Chapter 2— Defining Projects Objectives and Flow of Tasks (Activities)
Chapter 3—The Concepts of a Phase Approach
Chapter 4—Project Organization Structures
Chapter 5—Role of the Project Manager (Leader)
Chapter 6—The Project Team
Chapter 7—Project Planning
Chapter 8—The Work Breakdown Structure
Chapter 9—Project Scheduling
Chapter 10—Project Control and Change Management
Chapter 11—Project Risks and Issues
Chapter 12—Project Reporting
Chapter 13—Project Management Glossary of Terms


Eugene Spiegle

Associate Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management
Director, Pathways to Partnership Program
Rutgers Business School
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Gene was founder and President of the Cambridge Group, Project Management consulting and organizational development firm located in Bedminster, New Jersey.  He has an international reputation in project management, communications; and operations management.  He has over forty five years’ experience in management, project management, both line and staff positions, which enables him to deliver practical, common sense as well as theory-based perspectives.

Mr. Spiegle has performed consulting, conducted training and delivered workshops for organizations like AT&T, Bechtel, Black & Veatch, Boeing, Chrysler Corporation, City of Los Angeles DPW, and U. S. Corp. of Engineers, Datek Online Inc., General Motors, Hewlett Packard, MIT National Labs, Xerox Corporation and the United Nations.

Active in many organizations relative to the areas of his expertise, Gene has been a member of the Project Management Institute, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, The National Society of Professional Engineers, American Military Engineers, and Association for Quality Performance.

After retirement from the United Nations where he was Director of Projects, Mr. Spiegle served in various positions from President of a firm pioneering and specializing in automated systems to Vice-President of engineering of a Fortune 500 company.  Gene holds degrees in psychology and engineering with an advanced degree in psychology.  Mr. Spiegle has been an adjunct faculty in project management, engineering management, and communications at University of Pittsburgh and University of Alabama, The Conference Board of New York and Battelle Memorial Institute.

He is also the author and designer of “Project Management Guidelines”, a process currently utilized by many organizations to manage their projects.  Gene’s book “Taming a Silent Killer - - Your Stress” was released in May of 2002 followed by “Project Management – The Basics for Success


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