Pronunciation Celebration: ESL Listening and Speaking: A Complete High-Intermediate Text

Author(s): Evelyn Uyemura, Debra Mochidome, Nitza Llado

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2011

Pages: 366


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Do you wish you could order one text for your ESL Listening and Speaking course that would include everything you need for a rigorous yet lively class? Pronunciation Celebration is that text! The goal of Pronunciation Celebration is to celebrate what ESL speakers can do, and to give them the skills and self-assurance to do more.

The book begins with The Big Picture, which includes classroom icebreakers, as well as chapters on the English spelling system and phonetic symbols, an explanation of voiced and unvoiced sounds, and word and sentence level stress patterns.

Part 2 covers all the vowel sounds of American English. Each chapter begins with focused listening, followed by sound discrimination, controlled exercises, and finally game-like activities and discussion topics that give students a chance to practice the sound in normal conversational settings.

Part 3 includes all the consonant sounds of English, and even includes a chapter on silent letters. Whimsical art and humorous sentences and dialogues keep the tone light and lively.

Part 4, Projects for Practice and Improvement, is where this book really shines. Ten chapters include ready-to-use lesson plans for projects such as weekly listening logs, movie reviews, interviewing a native speaker, a mock job interview, an opinion survey, a debate, a panel discussion, an impromptu speech, a prepared speech, and finally complete scripts for three Reader’s Theatre dramas based on famous Americans (Benjamin Franklin, Rosa Parks, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy).

This is the book ESL teachers in community colleges and other settings have been waiting for! The 52 classroom-tested chapters will keep your students engaged and learning, while you will no longer have to supplement with other materials.

Evelyn Uyemura

Debra Mochidome

Nitza Llado

Related ISBN's: 9780757588907, 9781524967574




ISBN 9780757588907

Details Print Product Only (SA,CP, Pak, all Print)