Racial and Ethnic Groups in America

Author(s): Juan L Gonzales

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2003


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One of the primary objectives of RACIAL AND ETHNIC GROUPS IN AMERICA, by Juan L. Gonzales, Jr., is to provide an academic background for understanding the history, culture, and social relationships that constitute the day-to-day life in ethnic communities.  Juan Gonzales believes that education can provide the key to understanding ethnic and racial diversity in American society, and in turn, will promote greater tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity.

 Part I
Theories of Race and Immigration
CHAPTER 1 The Nature of Prejudice
CHAPTER 2 Discrimination in American Society
CHAPTER 3 Assimilation in American Society
CHAPTER 4 The Origins of Racial and Ethnic Groups
CHAPTER 5 Immigration and Settlement: The American Mosaic

Part II
The Asian American Experience
CHAPTER 6 The Chinese American Experience
CHAPTER 7 The Japanese American Experience
CHAPTER 8 The Korean American Experience
CHAPTER 9 The Filipino American Experience
CHAPTER 10 The Asian Indian Experience

Part III
The Latino American Experience
CHAPTER 11 The Mexican American Experience
CHAPTER 12 The Puerto Rican Experience
CHAPTER 13 The Cuban American Experience

Part IV
The African American Experience
CHAPTER 14 The African American Experience

Part V
The Native American Experience
CHAPTER 15 The Native American Experience

Part VI
The White Ethnic Experience
CHAPTER 16 The Jewish American Experience
CHAPTER 17 The Irish American Experience
CHAPTER 18 The Italian American Experience

Part VII
The Experience of Ethnic Women
CHAPTER 19 Ethnic Women in America

Juan L Gonzales

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ISBN 9780757503030

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