Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture

Author(s): Richard William Mook, Gerald Rulon Maxwell

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 436

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Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture examines the history, culture, and movement of hip hop and rap from a scholarly perspective. The text provides thorough, thought-provoking answers for questions that have been asked since the genre began, as well as those that have recently surfaced within the current cultural climate.

Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture:

  • Includes a plethora of expert-written academic articles that prompt thought and provide insight into a musical style students may take for granted
  • Provides interactive work pages to guide students through musical analysis
  • Explores the techniques rap/hip hop utilizes and the implications for the artist, the listener, and society at large

1 Origins and Commodification
“The Original Essence of the Dance” – Joseph Schloss
“The Politics of Graffiti” – Craig Castleman
“Mix and Scratch – The Turntable Becomes a Musical Instrument: 1975–1978 – Mark Katz
“Rupture, Layering, Flow, and Groove” – Felicia M. Miyakawa
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2 Race and Ethnicity
“Puerto Rocks” – Juan Flores
“Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile” – Tricia Rose
“Scoring a Black Nation” – Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr.
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3 The Politics of Gangsta Rap
“Looking for the ‘Real’ Nigga” – Robin D.G. Kelley
“Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” – Todd Boyd
“Black Empires, White Desires” – Davarian L. Baldwin
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 4 Hip Hop Lives?
“Represent” – Murray Forman
“Men, Women, and Turntables: Gender and the DJ Battle” – Mark Katz
“Elements of Style: Aesthetics of Hip-Hop Composition” – Joseph Schloss
“Civil Disobedience” – Richard Mook
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Richard William Mook

Gerald Rulon Maxwell

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ISBN 9781465295736

Details Electronic Delivery EBOOK 180 days