Readings in American National Government

Author(s): Banks Miller, Jennifer Holmes

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 372


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Chapter 1: Fundamentals
Group Size and Group Behavior
The Tragedy of the Commons
Politics as a Vocation

Chapter 2: Constitution
Federalist No. 10
Federalist No. 51
McCulloch v. Maryland
Articles of Confederation

Chapter 3: Federalism
Federalist No. 39
United States v. Lopez
Fort Hill Address

Chapter 4: Civil Rights and Liberties
Brown v. Board of Education
District of Columbia v. Heller
Obergefell v. Hodges

Chapter 5: Congress
The Electoral Incentive
The Polarization of Contemporary American Politics

Chapter 6: The President
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer
Korematsu v. United States

Chapter 7: Judiciary
Bound for Glory? Brown and the Civil Rights Revolution
Marbury v. Madison
Confirmation Hearing for Robert Bork, Nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court

Chapter 8: Bureaucracy 
Congressional Oversight Overlooked: Police Patrols versus Fire Alarms
Governance and the Bureaucracy Problem

Chapter 9: Public Opinion 
Corn-Pone Opinions 

Chapter 10: Political Parties and Interest Groups 
Prospects for Partisan Realignment: Lessons from the Demise of the Whigs 

Chapter 11: Elections and Participation 
Citizenship and the Transformation of American Society
Bowling Alone or Protesting with a Group
Citizens United v. FEC
Blind Retrospection: Electoral Responses to Droughts, Floods, and Shark Attacks 
Census 2020 

Chapter 12: Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign
When Congress Checks Out
Immigrants and the Economy
Wealth and Inequality
Federalism in Practice: State Marijuana Laws

The Constitution of the United States
The Declaration of Independence

Banks Miller

Jennifer Holmes

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ISBN 9781524961268

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