Readings in American State and Local Government

Author(s): Banks Miller, Jennifer Holmes

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 218


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Chapter 1: Fundamentals
McCulloch v. Maryland

Chapter 2: Federalism 
United States v. Lopez 
The States and the Political Setting 

Chapter 3: Participation, Elections, and Representation 
Bush v. Gore 
The League of Dangerous Mapmakers 
No, Gerrymandering Is Not Destroying Democracy 
State Politics and Presidential Voting, 1988–2000 
Redistricting in 2020 

Chapter 4: Direct Democracy 
Representation and Direct Democracy in the United States
Chapter 5: Political Parties 
Political Parties and the Recruitment of Women to State Legislatures 
Presidential Address: Southern Parties in State and Nation 

Chapter 6: Interest Groups 
Citizens United v. FEC 

Chapter 7: Legislatures 
Who Passes Business’s “Model Bills”? Policy Capacity and Corporate Influence in U.S. State Politics 

Chapter 8: Governors 
Do Governors Matter? Budgeting Rules and the Politics of State Policymaking
Chapter 9: Courts 
Is Judicial Federalism Essential to Democracy? State Courts in the Federal System 

Chapter 10: Local Government 
Tax Incentive Competition and Economic Development 

Chapter 11: Public Policy in the States
Measuring Public Support for Environmental Policies in the States 
U.S. Public Health Surveillance Systems in Response to Disasters: Processes and Challenges 

Banks Miller

Jennifer Holmes

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ISBN 9781524961251

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