The Rhetoric of Western Thought: From the Mediterranean World to the Global Setting

Author(s): George F McHendry Jr., M. Elizabeth Thorpe, Jessica A. Kurr, James L Golden, Goodwin Berquist, William Coleman, James M Sproule

Edition: 11

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 544


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Building upon a rich legacy, the new edition of The Rhetoric of Western Thought provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of rhetoric from its inception in the ancient world, to its present day expression in contemporary practice and scholarship.

The 11th edition gives deliberate attention to the voices, bodies, and humans that are too often forgotten or silenced in the history of rhetoric.

For example, women’s contributions to rhetoric in Ancient Greece and the Middle Ages are interwoven into the history of rhetoric, rather than treated as an aside of afterthought which happens too often in retellings of the story of rhetoric.

Featuring a fresh design and engaging layout, The Rhetoric of Western Thought:

  • integrates new resources, including chapter objectives, overviews, and discussion questions throughout the book to help both students and instructors explore the history of rhetoric
  • includes additional content, concepts, tools and perspectives on rhetoric throughout—including in-depth explanations of concepts (Rhetorical Toolbox), links to previous chapters (Looking Back), connections to future chapters (Looking Forward), and reflections on the politics of rhetorical history (We Should Note)
  • pays deliberate attention to rhetoric in the contemporary world. It traces modernist conceptions of rhetoric to the contemporary world (Chapters 8–10) and explores issues of truth, new media, ideology, and materiality, all of which are essential to understanding rhetorical thought today (Chapters 11-14).




Chapter 1 The History of Rhetoric (Abridged)

Chapter 2 Rhetoric in Ancient Greece

Chapter 3 The Rise and Fall of Rhetoric in Ancient Rome

Chapter 4 The Road to Enlightenment Rhetoric

Chapter 5 The Epistemologists and Enlightenment Rhetoric

Chapter 6 The Emerging Long Rhetorical Century

Chapter 7 Rhetoric in and out of the Academy

Chapter 8 Language, Rhetoric, & Meaning

Chapter 9 Rhetoric & Public Deliberation

Chapter 10 Rhetoric and/as Argumentation

Chapter 11 Rhetoric & Truth in the Contemporary Moment

Chapter 12 Changing Media, Changing Rhetoric

Chapter 13 Navigating Rhetoric’s Ideological Turn

Chapter 14 Material Rhetoric

George F McHendry Jr.

M. Elizabeth Thorpe

Jessica A. Kurr

James L Golden

Goodwin Berquist

William Coleman

James M Sproule

"The evolution of The Rhetoric of Western Thought, through careful and considered revision and supplementation, ensures that it will remain an important resource for rhetorical education well into the 21st century."
James W. Hikins
The University of Central Arkansas

"I find the chapter on Kenneth Burke in The Rhetoric of Western Thought to be excellent. Burke is, arguably, the most complex and challenging theorist students of rhetorical theory encounter in the course. The authors do an exceptional job of breaking down Burke's most well-known theories into language that is accessible for undergrad students."
Cheryl Hague
Governors State University 

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ISBN 9781524979133

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