The Roads to Junction: Making Art, Teaching Art


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Roads to Junction: Making Art, Teaching Art validates the artist identity that many art teachers across the country lose due to teaching overloads, limited or no time, and their own personal fears of lacking the talent to be called an artist. This book features stories, art works and essays from real-life art teachers who came to the Texas Tech Junction campus wanting to make art. They share their life histories, various cultural backgrounds, varying motivations and roadblocks. Each chapter represents a different theme connecting teachers and art to life: rethinking, sacred, social landscapes, visionary practices, and honoring.  
Readers who will find Roads to Junction valuable are:

  • K-12 classroom art teachers who will see not only reflections and validations of themselves but roadmaps of future possibilities.
  • Professionals in Art Education can use in pre-service courses, graduate seminars, research courses, survey and studio classes.
  • Anyone interested in the transformative powers of art will delight in the beautiful images, personal stories and cultural histories.

CHAPTER 1 Rethinking

Como Llegue Aqui – La Contra Lilia DeAnda Cabrera

The Learning Garden: Integrating and Sustaining Environmental

Programs into the Classroom J. Ryan Harbert

The Artistic Journey Toward Healing and Recovery in My Own Life and

in the Lives of My Students Dana Miller

The Red Tape Rollercoaster and the Power of a Garden Lacey Trevino

Art Café at the Old Telephone Building James Perry

Woven Transmigrations: Meditative Healing Sarah Hartman

CHAPTER 2 Sacred

Woman and Vessel: Education, Christianity, and the Quest for the Grail

of Gracefulness among the Cup of Service Amanda Hancock

Pray for Peace: A Mother’s, Wife’s, Daughter’s, Teacher’s, Student’s,

and Artist’s Perspective on the Drug Violence in Juarez, Mexico Laara R. Swanson

From Aransas Pass to Ganesha William D. Clark

Following Your Bliss Robert R. Rynearson Jr.

Essentially Woman Shannon D. Walton

Joyriders Elizabeth M. Reyes

CHAPTER 3 Social Landscapes

Finding the Sound with my Eyes Staci Christine Powers

Enter the Time Machine! Marco A. Sánchez

Congested Beauty Marisa Mejia

Urban Sprawl and Its Impact on Farming:

A Message in Embroidery Lana Caywood

Dire Complacency: An Ecosystem in Trouble Shawn Knuckles

Meeting of Cultures Germain Quintanilla

CHAPTER 4 Visionary Practices

Untold Stories: Abandonment and Decay through the Lens

of an iPhone Lisa Mittler Bradford

MiFamilia - MiFrontera: Born and Raised in South Texas &

Northern México through the Lenses of Autobiography and

Art Making (Familia y Lotería) Soor-el Puga

Fear of Putting My Artwork Out There for Everyone to See because I Might

Be Rejected . . . Maureen Doebbler

Centered: From Paint to Clay Brent Kiyan

Worlds of My Own Jayson Luce

DOORS: Celebrating Artistic Expressions of Communities David Bondt

CHAPTER 5 Honoring

James C. Watkins

Helen Klebesadel


Rolando Shaw

Richard Lubben

The Gallery

Holley Baker

Susan Barnes

Corina Carmona

Grail Curry

John Dunn

David Echols

M. C. Farris

Brandy González

Bailey Idom

Richard W. Kincheloe

Denise Comier Mahoney

Tedra McMillian

Julie A. Mize

Betsy Murphy

Cynthia Peanick

Beth Purcell

Rebecca Regalado

Shelbi Reichenau

Daniel Rodriguez

Catherine Sherwood

Dawna Sutton

Martha Underriner


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