Rudiments of Music: A Concise Guide to Music Theory

Author(s): Perry Goldstein

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 212


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Rudiments of Music covers the basics of Western classical tonal music theory, though it is applicable to a broad range of other music as well. Written for the beginner, experienced musicians who want to learn the fundamentals of tonal theory will also find it useful. The book covers basic notation of pitch and rhythm, major and minor keys, intervals, chords, harmony, and other concepts essential to a fundamental understanding of tonal music. Students are guided in the composition of melodies and melodies with chordal accompaniment. The book prepares students with the knowledge and confidence to begin the music major tonal harmony sequence taught at many institutions.

Rudiments of Music has been developed with the benefit of almost three decades of experience teaching and supervising the teaching of dozens of rudimentary music theory classes. Learning music theory requires two components: a textbook that covers the basics and an instructor who can bring those concepts to life in sound. This book is intended to supplement the classroom experience


Chapter 1 Pitch
Chapter 2 Rhythm, Time, and Meter
Chapter 3 Exercises in Rhythm
Chapter 4 Scales and Keys
Chapter 5 Intervals
Chapter 6 Motives and Themes Writing Major Key Melodies
Chapter 7 Writing Minor Key Melodies
Chapter 8 Triads and Chords
Chapter 9 Chords in Major Keys Harmonic Analysis: Root Position Chords in Major Keys
Chapter 10 Chords in Minor Keys Harmonic Analysis: Root Position Chords in Minor Keys
Chapter 11 Inversions, Cadences, and Harmonic Analysis
Chapter 12 Final Composition


Perry Goldstein

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ISBN 9781792483455

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