Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education


Edition: 8

Copyright: 2021

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Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education explores early childhood safety and nutrition in a variety of facets, including indoor and outdoor safety, emergency procedures, nutrition and food safety, as well as a chapter on holistic wellness in early childhood education. Topics such as diversity and development ensure that students receive a well­rounded understanding of the material in this interactive, online book.

Written in a grounded approach by an author that is in today's classrooms, Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education:

  • features Reality Check vignettes that address current issues that have an impact on the well being of children. They bring an in-depth approach to some of the more critical areas affecting children and early childhood education environments today.
  • ​integrates Case in Point vignettes throughout each chapter so that students can “observe” stories based on real-life events in culturally diverse settings.
  • promotes learning and comprehension through What Would You Do? boxes located within the text to allow students an opportunity to reflect on how the information might pertain to their work and career situations.
  • is interactive!  Videos, assessments, learning objects, and more are available to all students and adopting instructors.

Section One: A Holistic Environmental Approach to Wellness in Early Childhood Education
Chapter 1: A Holistic Environmental Approach to Healthy Development in Early Childhood Education

Section Two: Safety in Early Childhood Education
Chapter 2: Creating Safe Environments
Chapter 3: Indoor Safety
Chapter 4: Outdoor Safety
Chapter 5: Emergency Response Procedures

Section Three: Nutrition in Early Childhood Education
Chapter 6: Basic Nutrition for Children
Chapter 7: Protecting Good Nutrition for Healthy Development
Chapter 8: Providing Good Nutrition for Diverse Children
Chapter 9: Menu Planning and Food Safety

Section Four: Health in Early Childhood Education Environments
Chapter 10: Tools for Promoting Good Health in Children
Chapter 11: Preventing Illness through Infection Control
Chapter 12: Promoting Wellness and Healthy Development through Supportive Health Care
Chapter 13: Providing for Special Health Care Needs

Section Five: Current Issues in Early Childhood Education Safety, Nutrition, and Health
Chapter 14: Child Maltreatment
Chapter 15: Fostering Good Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being in Children


Cathie Robertson received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from San Diego State University and did much of her undergraduate work at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. She is a professor of Child Development and Family Studies at Grossmont College near San Diego, California. She has taught child development, family studies, and food and nutrition courses, specializing in childhood nutrition, for more than 25 years and is now semiretired and teaches online. She is the former president of the International Nanny Association and serves on several committees for issues that involve early childhood education and nutrition. Ms. Robertson has made numerous national, state, and local professional presentations, including a number of presentations at NAEYC conferences. She has been the recipient of a number of grants, including one for a curriculum and resource guide for working with prenatally substance-exposed children and their families and another to create an intergenerational program where senior volunteers were trained to work with preschool children. She volunteers regularly in early elementary classes to keep current and is involved in a school garden project that helps children learn about nutrition education.

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ISBN 9781792453267

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