School Personnel Administration/Human Resources: A California Perspective

Author(s): June Schmieder, Arthur Townley

Edition: 10

Copyright: 2019


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Made popular by the Harvard Business School in the 1980s, Human Resources Management has become a fundamental part of any business, and different from other resources in the fact that people must be managed differently than other resources.

In an effort to accompany the growth and changing demographics of public education in the United States, School Personnel Administration/Human Resources: A California Perspective draws on the authors’ 70 years of teaching experience to help solve this growing problem.

School Personnel Administration/Human Resources: A California Perspective emphasizes the principles and practices of Personnel Management, with a focus on instructional staff and education as a whole.

Available in print and eBook editions, School Personnel Administration/Human Resources: A California Perspective:

  • includes up to date California Codes, including the Education Code and the Government Code, available online.
  • comes with slides, transparencies, and a student workbook.
  • introduces a four part workbook that contains a brief introduction, pretests, key terms, and application sections for each chapter!
  • a copy of Dr. Townley’s school personnel examination is available upon email request to Dr. Townley.


Chapter 1 History of Personnel Administration
Chapter 2 The Chief Personnel Officer
Chapter 3 Recruitment of Personnel
Chapter 4 Selection of Personnel
Chapter 5 Evaluation of Personnel
Chapter 6 Certificated Personnel
Chapter 7 Classified Personnel
Chapter 8 Staff Development
Chapter 9 Organizational Culture and Climate
Chapter 10 Collective Bargaining and Employee Organizations
Chapter 11 Collective Bargaining: Negotiations
Chapter 12 Collective Bargaining: Managing the Contract
Chapter 13 Legal Aspects of School Personnel Administration
Chapter 14 Progressive Discipline and Dismissal
Chapter 15 Career Advancement


June Schmieder

June H. Schmieder-Ramirez (Ph.D., Stanford University) Interim Associate Dean of Education, Professor of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA. Dr. Schmieder-Ramirez has extensive experience in public education, including teaching in elementary and junior high schools and serving as school business manager, associate superintendent for business services, and superintendent of schools. In addition, she taught at California State Universities in Fullerton and San Bernardino as an adjunct professor. Her research and publishing interests are in the area of public school finance and educational leadership.

Arthur Townley

Arthur J. Townley (Ed.D., University of Southern California) Professor of Emeritus, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Townley taught in two California high schools and served as a high school principal, assistant superintendent–educational services, and superintendent of schools. He has taught at Pepperdine and La Verne Universities. He has published three books and a number of journal articles. His research interest is the study of school boards and the superintendency

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