Scientific and Technical Writing: From Problem to Proposal

Author(s): William Magrino, Nicole Reda, Michael Goeller

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 300


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Scientific and Technical Writing: From Problem to Proposal is built around a single concept – that students learn professional writing through ownership of their ideas.This text equips students with the real-world skills that today’s employers seek. 

Scientific and Technical Writing: From Problem to Proposal:

  • is a proposal writing text. It assists students in building a proposal from the ground up. 
  • includes an author constructed heuristic known as the “Six P’s” which assists students in understanding the information accumulated and where the research process needs to go next. 
  • features the job search chapter early on in order to prepare students for subsequent and less familiar assignments. 
  • contains a learner-centered theme throughout: peer review workshop exercises and key assignments are included. 


Preface to Instructors

Chapter One: The Project Proposal from the Ground Up
The Six Parts of the Project Proposal
The Interdependence of the Six P’s
The Six P’s in Action
The Newspaper Assignment
The Six P’s Assignment

Chapter Two: Readings in Scientific and Technical Writing
The Essential Tension: Tradition and Innovation in Scientific Research
 Questions for Discussion
Slow Ideas
 Questions for Discussion
Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood?
 Questions for Discussion
Framing and Re-framing in Environmental Science: Explaining Climate Change to the Public
 Questions for Discussion
The 5 R’s: An Emerging Bold Standard for Conducting Relevant Research in a Changing World
 Questions for Discussion
“I’m Ambivalent about It”: The Dilemmas of PowerPoint
 Questions for Discussion
Organizing Data in Tables and Charts: Different Criteria for Different Tasks
 Questions for Discussion
The Missing Link: The Lack of Citations and Copyright Notices in Multimedia Presentations
 Questions for Discussion

Chapter Three: The Job Search Assignment
The Assignment
Sample Job Search Assignments
Peer Review Workshop

Chapter Four: Researching Your Topic
Primary and Secondary Sources
Scholarly, Professional, and Popular: Evaluating Secondary Sources
Researching the Patron, Problem, and Paradigm
Searching for a Theoretical Frame
Searching for Models of Success
Merging Theory and Practice
The White Paper Assignment
Sample White Papers
Peer Review Workshop
Finding Books, Journal Articles, and Other Sources at the Library
The Annotated Bibliography Assignment
Sample Annotated Bibliographies
Peer Review Workshop

Chapter Five: The Initial Sales Letter
The Assignment
Typical Pitfalls and Problems
Some General Advice, or “14 Steps to a Strong Sales Letter”
Sample Initial Sales Letters
Peer Review Workshop

Chapter Six: The Oral Presentation
The Assignment
The Basic Parts of the Presentation
How to Prepare
The Question of Delivery
Advice on Using PowerPoint Slides
Some PowerPoint Slide “Don’ts”
Final Words of Advice
Using Presentation Software to Develop a Presentation
The Graphic Aids Assignment
Sample Oral Presentation Slides
Peer Review Workshop
The Oral Presentation Evaluation

Chapter Seven: The Project Proposal
The Assignment
The Parts of the Proposal
Sample Project Proposals
Peer Review Workshop
The Project Proposal Evaluation


William Magrino

Nicole Reda

Michael Goeller

“I used the text extensively when I taught at Rutgers University. It is a clear, step-by-step guide to the basics of research writing within the framework of Business and Technical Writing. Moreover, it is equally useful as a concise guide to research writing on any level, even in the graduate arena. The device of the "6 Ps" is eminently useful and explained in detail here; the text demonstrates how these principles underlie solid academic argumentation by continually returning to specific assignment sequences and suggestions for additional work on the part of both instructor and student.”

Peter Sorrell
Assistant Professor, English Department
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“This book is as close as they can get to real-world situations…It is an excellent resource that covers all of the fundamental skills needed to succeed at work, by encouraging critical thinking, evaluation and most importantly effective written communication…a must-read for any student who wishes to succeed in college and beyond.”

M.K. Srinivasan
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


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ISBN 9781524954192

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