Seeing Again for the First Time: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction

Author(s): Josh Misner

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 240


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Whether endless strings of text messages or overflowing email inboxes, notifications buzzing our pockets or binge-watching marathons that monopolize the whole of our weekends, life amid the Age of Distraction can be overwhelming. To address the complexity of modern life with respect to our relationships, whether family, friends, romance, or those we experience in the workplace, Seeing Again for the First Time explores four principle facets of well-being; Mindful Awareness, Resilience, Savoring, and Connecting. Using creative and, at times, unorthodox activities, the book promises an interactive experience for readers, who engage with not only the book’s content, but often, the book itself. The journey through these pages is one of self-discovery, using mindfulness as the vehicle to arrive at a sustainable future for our relationships.

Introduction—Seeing Again for the First Time

PART 1 Mindful Awareness
Chapter 1 Introduction to Mindfulness and the Age of Distraction
Chapter 2 Paying Attention with Purpose
Chapter 3 Listening—The Greater Half of Communication
Chapter 4 Learning to Be Alone

PART 2 Resilience
Chapter 5 Perception of Self and Perceptions of Others
Chapter 6 Judgement, Critique, and Ego
Chapter 7 The Poison of Pride and the Antidote of Forgiveness
Chapter 8 Vulnerability and Accountability

PART 3 Savoring
Chapter 9 Savoring the Moment
Chapter 10 Must Be Present to Win
Chapter 11 Cultivating Gratitude
Chapter 12 Appreciation—The Outward Expression of Gratitude

PART 4 Connecting
Chapter 13 Linking Humility with Gratitude
Chapter 14 Flipping the Question
Chapter 15 Developing Generosity
Chapter 16 In the Service of Others

Josh Misner

Dr. Josh Misner is a professor of communication studies at North Idaho College in picturesque Coeur d'Alene. As a result of studying the impact of mindful presence on father-child relationships while earning his Ph.D. at Gonzaga University, Dr. Misner began writing about how developing mindfulness through regular practice can build a stronger sense of self-awareness and foster significantly deeper and more rewarding relationships. A devoted husband and active father of four, Dr. Misner teaches practical, realistic methods to better savor each and every moment with the intention of earning a prominent place among our loved one’s future memories.

"I loved the mental challenges this book presented to me. It was liking enjoying a nice puzzle. I felt like I was exercising my mind and boundaries and I walked away feeling like I had gotten in a good "work out." I learned that, even when I try really hard, mindfulness is hard to achieve and feels impossible. I learned some unfortunate things about my personality that need attention but I also learned that, when asked, my loved ones have a hard time coming up with criticisms or shortcomings of me, though they may well have been dancing around my feelings. I have thought and thought about what I would like to see more of and honestly could think of nothing. Perhaps, splitting AI and PD into two separate chapters."


"I am so glad I purchased the book and get to keep it! Learning and feeling things about yourself and then being tasked with communicating that with others is quite the process. Communication, sending a message with the hope of the receiver interpreting your intention instead of misreading the message, it is arduous."


"I am considering buying this book for my sister as a gift. It really didn't read as a textbook, but an easygoing self-help book, which is why I think many of us have considered it for gifts to others.  I generally don’t keep my books, but this will definitely be one that I will refer back to when I lead groups in the future."


"I appreciated the smaller chapters and found that I learned more with the condensed information than from textbooks I have had previously. Most of my textbooks take hours to read the content of the week and I can barely see straight, let alone understand what I read by the end. This was straight to the point, which I really liked and comprehended more."


"In previous self-reflection assignments, the textbooks were huge and not relatable. I dreaded doing my homework. This book was completely different. I could read the entire chapter in less than thirty minutes and the activities were relevant. I did not want to skimp on them and shortchange myself on this experience. This book helped me stay focused on my goals and find center."


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ISBN 9781524984489

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