small to LARGE: Growing Social Impact Organizations Against All Odds

Author(s): Zoot Velasco

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 334


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Small to LARGE: Growing Social Impact Organizations Against All Odds is the culmination of a lifetime of experience, coupled with a year of research. Author Zoot Velasco, shares knowledge from his time working for the “industry,” community organizations, and colleges. The year of research shared was centered on the question of whether or not there is a common thread of best practices that allows for some organizations to grow in crisis while the majority shrink.


Chapter 1 Financing with the Stars: The Study That Inspired This Book
What If I Told You That Everything We Believe in “Nonprofit Fundraising” Is Wrong?
As We Head into a New Recession, How Can We Do Better?
So, What Do These Organizations Have in Common?.
What Did We Learn?

Chapter 2 A Cycle of Resources

Chapter 3 Starting from Scratch
Fiscal Sponsorship

Chapter 4 NEED: Defining the Need for All
Needs Assessment Tool (Logic Model)

Chapter 5 GATHER: Gathering People to Your Cause
Social Impact Leadership
Online Social Networking
Structural Holes
Multilevel Marketing
Strategic Partnerships
Resource Mapping Instructions (Potential Strategic Partners)
In-Kind Resources
Social Enterprise/Earned Income
Capital Campaign Ideas
Action Planning
COVID Example

Chapter 6 GATHER: Gathering Resources to Your Cause
In-Kind Donations
Government Support
Earned Income
Fees for Service
Social Enterprise
Individual Investment
Support Groups
Corporate Investment
Strategic Partnerships
Capital Campaigns

Chapter 7 LEAD: The Ten Universal Truths of Leadership
What Is Leadership?

Chapter 8 LEAD: Building, Managing, and Supervising Boards and Teams
Funders and Partners
What Is the Job of a Board?
Board Membership Recruitment
Invigorating the Board
Our Team
Incentivizing and Building Loyalty
Troubleshooting Teams
Progressive Discipline
Immediate Termination
Progressive Mediation
Parting Ways
Management (Continued in Chapter 7)

Chapter 9 PLAN: How Planning Feeds Back to Leading and Forward to Success
Start with a Comprehensive Evaluation
Surveys of All Major Stakeholders
Focus Groups
Reviewing Past Documentation
The Evaluation Report
SWOT Analysis
Stakeholder’s Retreat
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Values Statement
Planning Goals
Planning Objectives
After the Retreat

Chapter 10 DO: Doing the Work
A Program Design
What: The Abstract
Why: The Need
Who: The Clients and the Program Leader
How: The Narrative
Where: The Site
When: The Timeline
How Much: The Budget
Creation of New Programs
The Revamp of an Existing Program
A New Program Triggered by Evaluation
A New Program Triggered by Funding
A New Program Triggered by Planning
A New Program Triggered by Partnership
TED Talk Tips
PIXAR Rules of Storytelling (Abridged)
Sample Pitch

Chapter 11 TELL: Telling Our Story 175 Three Kinds of Media
Marketing Plans
Mission Statement
Appeals, Reports, and Brochures
Social and IRL Networks
Press Releases
Lists and eblasts
Site Visits
Marketing Help with Grants, Proposals, and Pitches
Additional Marketing Tips

Chapter 12 GROW: Scaling Up
It Is OK to Change Course
Breadth versus Depth
Scaling Up
Partnership and the Pen
Management of Growth

Appendix A Case Studies

Appendix B Templates & Tools

Appendix C Community Organization Capacity Assessment (COCA)

Appendix D Board and CEO Responsibilities


Zoot Velasco

Zoot Velasco is currently:

Zoot holds a BA in dance from St. Mary’s College of California, an MBA in nonprofit management from Hope International University, and professional designations in arts education, fundraising, leadership, management, and conflict resolution.

Zoot was severely burned as an infant, losing the muscles in his right foot, yet went on to a 12-year career as a professional dancer, actor, and international touring artist working with Prince, Michael Jackson, Arsenio Hall, and James Cameron among others. His community work included 30 years of award-winning work in prisons, on the 1992 LA Riot Recovery Program, and in Red Cross shelters after the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

For 23 years, Zoot led cultural programs in prisons and cultural centers. He built four art centers for the City of LA, a Boys & Girls Club, and a Theatre for the City of Long Beach. He has raised more than $32 million for various organizations. During the recession, he led the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton to unprecedented growth, more than tripling programs, budget, patrons, and the endowment while winning awards as Orange County’s first STEAM programs, institutional arts programs, and strategic partnerships.

Zoot is President of the Rotary Club of Fullerton, and Paul Harris Fellow touring as a lecturer on Rotary history to clubs worldwide.

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ISBN 9781792461842

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