So, What's Your Story? Discovering the Story in You

Author(s): Henry L Roubicek

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2022

Pages: 192


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New Third Edition Now Available!

Unlike the metamorphosis that occurs to a butterfly or a frog, telling a story will probably not dramatically alter your character, physical structure, or even circumstances. However, as a storyteller, you can imagine it did.

Anchored by the need to write about storytelling in a human way, So, What’s Your Story? Discovering the Story in You weaves theory and practice while infusing exercises and examples to help demonstrate and support vital storytelling principles.

Featuring a simplified format and revised "trade book" tone, the NEW Third Edition of So, What’s Your Story? Discovering the Story in You:

  • focuses entirely on personal stories and weaves brief discussions and examples of traditional stories to better understand the common denominators in oral storytelling regardless of genre.
  • features a flexible format – instructors can teach confidently any chapter in any order creating their own segues and incorporating their own pedagogical style. 
  • has been reduced from 10 chapters to 8 and includes three simple parts: It Matters, Whittling Away, and Let’s Hear It.
  • embeds stronger illustrations, story samples, and reflections for delivering stories in each chapter.


To Students and Educators
To Every Storyteller
About the Author

PART ONE: It Matters...

Chapter 1 The Power of Story
Or NOT: Disregard Amplification
Of Epoch Proportion
Learning Outcomes

Chapter 2 Just a Spoon Full of Theory
Drama Isn’t a Bad Thing
It’s All about You. Naturally!
The Narrative Paradigm: Naturally Reinforced

PART TWO: Whittling Away...

Chapter 3 Elements of a Story
Common Aspects
From Start
To Finish
The Narrative Arc
Themes and Motifs

Chapter 4 Personal Stories
There’s Something Happening Here
It’s All about You
Going to Your Well
Your Lifeline Is a Road to Self-Discovery
“Tracks of My Tears . . .”
Permission to Tell Difficult Narratives
A Great Conversation
Someone Else’s History 
Considering Character
It’s Not Always the Whole Truth and Nothing But…

Chapter 5 Learning Your Story
Oh, Yes. I Remember
Order, Order, Order
Feel the Rhythm
The Important Thing Is

PART THREE: Let's Hear It...

Chapter 6 Working through Apprehension
Stage Fright
Breathe. Care. Repeat.
Mental Imaging
Head, Heart, Gut
Let the Story Be Born
Poor Platform Behaviors
Practice, Practice, Practice

Chapter 7 Painting the Spoken Picture
Building on Imagery
Symbolically Speaking
Economy of Words
Tools of Speech
Variety of Expression
Vocal Expression
Exploring Your Voice
Expressive Movements
In Your Face
Imagine That!
Show and Tell

Chapter 8 You Are on the Air
Imagine That!
Getting Cozy on the Air

Guide to Appendices
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D



Henry L Roubicek

Dr. Hank Roubicek is a Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at the University of Houston Downtown. He is an award-winning educator, author of several books and articles in applied communication, consultant to numerous organizations, celebrated workshop facilitator, creator and lead host of the long running So, What’s Your Story? on Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM, and host of the podcast The Story Voice. Dr. Roubicek is President of The Houston Storytellers Guild, a board member on the Tejas Storytelling Association, a Moth story slam champion, and a docent at Holocaust Museum Houston. Hank is husband to Peggy, dad to Josh, grandpa to Jack, Tucker, and Tatum, and doggie daddy to Simon. He continues to be a friend to everyone he meets. Ask anyone about his secret to success and they will tell you it is because he does everything with heart. Know him for a moment and you will know it is true.

“If you are a storyteller or a wannabe storyteller, you need read only one book and this is it: the newest edition of So, What’s Your Story? Discovering the Story in You. It touches on creative thinking, problem solving and all the elements that bind a story. You will learn skills that will enable you to feel comfortable in front of any audience and that will allow you to take full control of any stage with confidence and self-assuredness. This book needs to be in your library.”
Sheila Starks Phillips, Prize-Winning Storyteller and Author

“My students have had the privilege of sharing their stories on Dr. Roubicek’s radio show. Through his organic approach coupled with wit and wisdom they have captivated, convinced and sometimes even converted their listeners. So, What’s Your Story? Discovering the Story in You is an essential tool for any educator wanting to teach the art and the power of expression.”
Vinne Arlt, Educator, Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts Middle School

“In fresh and concise language, Dr. Roubicek covers all the bases of storytelling in this ambitious work. From the nuts and bolts of story structure, through theme and motif, and all the way into the realm of self-discovery, the author provides us with a valuable guide to both the art and science of story.”
Erik Heen, Feature Writer for Mensa Magazine

“There is no communicating without storytelling. When we speak casually, post to Facebook, Twitter, or Skype, we are either listening to or sharing the ongoing story of our lives. Dr. Roubicek has done something amazing in So, What’s Your Story? He has encapsulated (and made simple) dozens of methods for turning everyday sharing and conversation into stage presence and polished telling. Whether you want to be a better speaker, a better teacher, a better salesperson, or a better grandparent, Henry Roubicek has given you the tools.”
-- Rabbi Seymour Rossel, Author of The Essential Jewish Stories and The Wise Folk of Chelm

“Telling a solid story certainly comes from a creative place within the storyteller, but moreover it is a learned skill. Dr. Roubicek gets this better than most. Few others understand that it is in fact teachable; you just have to know how to teach it. This text does just that.”
-- Abby Koenig, Communication Lecturer and Professional Storyteller
University of Houston Downtown

“My students find Dr. Roubicek’s So, What’s Your Story: Discovering the Story in You to the point and very helpful. Knowing his amazing work with online and broadcast storytellers, I am excited by the latest updates in this edition. The observations, strategies, and experiences shared in this book will serve well novice and professional tellers.”
-- Jay Stailey, Professional Storyteller and Teacher, Zebra Coaching and Consulting “leadership development of a different stripe”

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ISBN 9781792494413

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