So, What's Your Story? Discovering the Story in You

Author(s): Henry L Roubicek

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 212


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Unlike the metamorphosis that occurs to a butterfly or a frog, telling a story will probably not dramatically alter your character, physical structure, or even circumstances. However, as a storyteller, you can imagine it did.

Anchored by the need to write about storytelling in a human way, So, What’s Your Story? Discovering the Story in You weaves theory and practice while infusing exercises and examples to help demonstrate and support vital storytelling principles.

The second edition of So, What’s Your Story? is a multimedia masterpiece that includes access to online supplements at no additional charge. The online supplements include terrific audio and video story samples from former students, discussion friendly remarks from the author, and stories told by exceptional tellers who performed on Houston's KPFT So, What's Your Story?.

So, What’s Your Story? Discovering the Story in You:

  • Features a flexible format – instructors can teach confidently any chapter in any order creating their own segues and incorporating their own pedagogical style. 
  • Features new story samples in each chapter; all of which can be found on the online supplement, along with a brief remark about the learning principle with which each is associated. 
  • Integrates a set of new exercises within the text to encourage frequent and meaningful practice.
  • Peppers story excerpts throughout the text from former students to boost the reader’s comprehension and improve their overall storytelling performance.


To Students
To Educators
To Everyone
About the Author

Chapter 1 The Human Story
Or NOT: Disregard Amplification

Chapter 2 The Power of Story
Of Epoch Proportion
Learning Benefits

Chapter 3 Just a Spoon Full of Theory
It’s all about you. Naturally!
The Narrative Paradigm: Naturally Reinforced

Chapter 4 Yours and Theirs
There’s Something Happening Here
Discovering You
Permission to Tell Difficult Narratives
Your Lifeline Is a Road to Self-Discovery
“Tracks of My Tears”
Prompts for Practice
A Great Conversation
Someone Else’s History
Considering Character

Chapter 5 Traditional Tales
Who and What Are They?
Which Stories to Tell?
Sweet Dreams
Get to the Source

Chapter 6 Parts of a Story
Common Aspects
From Start
To Finish
Themes and Motifs

Chapter 7 Painting the Spoken Picture
Symbolically Speaking
Economy of Words 
Tools of Speech
Variety of Expression
Vocal Expression
Exploring Your Voice
Expressive Movements
In Your Face
Imagine That!
Show and Tell

Chapter 8 Learning to Tell a Story
Oh, Yes. I Remember
Order, Order, Order
Feel the Rhythm
The Important Thing Is
Working a Checklist

Chapter 9 Working through Apprehension
Stage Fright
What Do I Do?
Mental Imagery
Head, Heart, Gut
Poor Platform Behaviors
Practice, Practice, Practice
Be a Coach, Not Critic
Looking in All the Wrong Places?

Chapter 10 I Heard It through the Radio
Imagine That!
Getting Cozy on the Air

Appendix A Sample Radio Scripts
Appendix B Complements to Traditional Storytelling Assignments
Appendix C Some favorite storytelling quotations to ponder . . . & cherish

Henry L Roubicek

Dr. Henry “Hank” Roubicek is a professor of communication studies at the University of Houston Downtown. Award-winning educator, included several times in Who’s Who Among American College Teachers, creator and host of So, What’s Your Story? on Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM, docent at Holocaust Museum Houston, passionate advocate for tolerance education, doggie-lover incarnate, dad to Josh, grandpa to Jack, husband to Peggy, and a friend to everyone he meets. If you ask him his recipe for success, he will tell you “I have the skills and I might be smart, but what I do best, is everything with heart.” That’s his real story and he’s sticking to it. Know him for a moment and you will know it is true.

Recently, Hank was the recipient of 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award at University of Houston Downtown as well as a Houston MOTH Champion.

“There is no communicating without storytelling. When we speak casually, post to Facebook, Twitter, or Skype, we are either listening to or sharing the ongoing story of our lives. Dr. Roubicek has done something amazing in So, What’s Your Story? He has encapsulated (and made simple) dozens of methods for turning everyday sharing and conversation into stage presence and polished telling. Whether you want to be a better speaker, a better teacher, a better salesperson, or a better grandparent, Henry Roubicek has given you the tools.”
-- Rabbi Seymour Rossel, Author of The Essential Jewish Stories and The Wise Folk of Chelm

“Telling a solid story certainly comes from a creative place within the storyteller, but moreover it is a learned skill. Dr. Roubicek gets this better than most. Few others understand that it is in fact teachable; you just have to know how to teach it. This text does just that.”
-- Abby Koenig, Communication Lecturer and Professional Storyteller
University of Houston Downtown

“My students find Dr. Roubicek’s So, What’s Your Story: Discovering the Story in You to the point and very helpful. Knowing his amazing work with online and broadcast storytellers, I am excited by the latest updates in this edition. The observations, strategies, and experiences shared in this book will serve well novice and professional tellers.”
-- Jay Stailey, Professional Storyteller and Teacher, Zebra Coaching and Consulting “leadership development of a different stripe”

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ISBN 9781465271143

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