Social Problems: A Case Study Approach

Author(s): Susan Cruise, Norman Dolch, Neller Ree Wells-Lewis, Edward Clayton Polson, Helen K Wise

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 462


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Social Problems: A Case Study Approach helps students identify with the social problem at hand through a case study at the start of each chapter. The case study provides a common reference point for discussions and questions and helps students relate to the experiences presented.

Social Problems: A Case Study Approach:

  • features technology boxes which present thoughtful challenges related to the social problem under consideration.
  • provides a great deal of social science knowledge on the problems.
  • addresses the interventions for the problems based on the research.
  • provides students with clarity, precision, depth, breadth, accuracy and social relevance -- critical thinking standards -- in a very understandable and applied manner.

Preface to the Fifth Edition

Chapter 1 Introduction
Norman A. Dolch, Helen Wise, Edward C. Polson, and Ree Wells-Lewis

Chapter 2 Ideology
Edward C. Polson and Myron Tyrell Strong

Chapter 3 Sexuality
Ree Wells-Lewis

Chapter 4 Substance Use
Colette A. Miesse, Matthew Weaver, and Yawo Bessa

Chapter 5 Crime
Natalie J. Johnson

Chapter 6 Gender Inequality
Catherine White Berheide

Chapter 7 Families
Kenna Morgan Franklin

Chapter 8 Aging
Myra Hafer

Chapter 9 Minorities
Anthony Gary Dworkin, Pamela A. Quiroz, and Karl Eschbach

Chapter 10 Healthcare
Helen Wise and Norman A. Dolch

Chapter 11 Economy
Norman A. Dolch and Susan Cruise

Chapter 12 Poverty
Ronald L. Wade and Gwendolyn Dordick

Chapter 13 Education
Joseph A. Comeau and Jeanne H. Ballantine

Chapter 14 Environment
Antoinette D. Parham and Vankita Y. Brown

Chapter 15 Terrorism
Jackie Eller, Larry G. Brown, and Lisa Walker

About the Contributors

Susan Cruise

Susan Cruise, PhD is Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of South Carolina Lancaster. She is also the Coeditor of the Journal of Ideology. Her research focuses on education, and the intersection of inequality with education. She has also published in the areas of nonprofit and voluntary organizations. She teaches courses in race, class, gender and sexuality, families, individual and society, social problems, sociology of education, and introductory sociology. She has taken students abroad to London, Paris, and Amsterdam in 2017 and is taking a group to Ireland and Northern Ireland in Summer 2019.

Norman Dolch

Norman A. Dolch is a Professor Emeritus at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS). He currently teaches online courses as an adjunct for both LSUS and the University of North Texas. In addition, Dolch serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. His research interests are healthcare, nonprofit organizations, and sociological theory. Dolch held the George Kourey Professorship and directed the Institute for Nonprofit Administration and Leadership prior to his retirement from LSUS in 2007 to move closer to his son’ family and the grandchildren.

Neller Ree Wells-Lewis

Neller Ree Wells-Lewis, PhD is a Professor of Sociology at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, and Department Chair of Social Sciences. Her teaching areas include social problems, social stratification, and gender roles. She delivers classes online, as well as in the classroom. Her research interests and publications are primarily in the area of Medical Sociology.

Edward Clayton Polson

Edward C. Polson, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University where he teaches courses in research, theory, and social policy. His research interests lie in the areas of religion, civic life, and the work of nonprofit and voluntary organizations.

Helen K Wise

Helen K. Wise is a Professor of Sociology at Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS). She teaches course in research methods, demography, and nonprofit administration and works with health care facilities researching patient satisfaction.

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ISBN 9781524997618

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