The Sociological Vision

Author(s): Christopher Pieper

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2021

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What is sociology? Will I like it? Does it matter in the world? Can it help me?

The Sociological Vision is designed to answer these questions and cultivate a new way of seeing social life. Geared primarily toward students beginning a journey into the social sciences, or for those with general curiosity for the subject, The Sociological Vision offers a glimpse into the fascinating, revelatory, and occasionally fun world of sociology. Consider it as a “sampler platter” for the study of human societies and cultures.

The book uses a historical approach, a comparative glance, and a critical eye. It shows students how to hone the skills we all have as “armchair” sociologists in observing, describing, explaining, and evaluating the social world in more systematic ways. It encourages readers to ask tough questions, both of society and of themselves. The book emphasizes the individual’s role as both participant in society and a recipient of societal influences. Finally, it focuses on the ways in which we each build the social order, and considers the larger impacts of these small actions.

About the Author

Chapter 1 Why Sociology Is Awesome and Why You Haven’t Known This Before
Chapter 2 Society and Culture: Similar but Not the Same
Chapter 3 Socialization: Learning How to Be Human
Chapter 4 Groups: The Basic Unit of Sociology
Chapter 5 How We Actually Do Sociology: The Research Process
Chapter 6 Explaining Society: Sociological Theory
Chapter 7 Dividing the Ranking: The Functions and Effects of Stratification
Chapter 8 Economic Inequality in the US
Chapter 9 Gender and Power
Chapter 10 Race, Ethnicity, and Power
Chapter 11 Who Gets How Much and Why: Economic Institutions
Chapter 12 Health, Illness, and Who Decides
Chapter 13 The Pictures in Our Heads: Media as a Social Force
Chapter 14 “The Sacred Canopy:” Understanding Religion Sociologically
Chapter 15 Top-Down Power: The State
Chapter 16 Bottom-Up Power: Social Movements and Social Change

Christopher Pieper

Christopher Pieper, Ph.D. is Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Director in Sociology at Baylor University. He earned his B.A. in Communication with Honors in 1996 from Southwestern University and his graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in 1998 (M.A., Journalism) and 2011 (Ph.D., Sociology).

Prior to returning to academia in 2004, Pieper was for six years Communications Director at the Center for Public Policy Priorities, a research and advocacy organization working on behalf of low-income Texans. He has also taught at UTAustin, Southwestern University, and the College of William and Mary. He teaches introductory sociology, Senior Colloquium, social psychology, social movements, and graduate courses in political sociology and contemporary theory.

Pieper is the author of numerous publications on religion and social movements, political sociology, media culture, and conflict. His first book, Sociology as a Spiritual Practice: How Studying People Can Make You a Better Person, was published in 2015. Using illustrations from current events, comparative religion, and new social research, the book demonstrates that practicing social science cultivates empathy, mindfulness, and the virtues that bring lasting happiness. Far from being enemies, spirituality and social science are seen as complementary paths toward personal and collective flourishing.

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ISBN 9781792455797

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