Sociology: Beyond the Millennium

Author(s): Jenifer Kunz, Claudia Stuart

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 433

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Part 1: Sociological Perspective

Chapter 1: Introduction to Sociology
Claudia Stuart and Jenifer Kunz
Activity 1

Chapter 2: Yes or No? Possible Internal Conflict and Polygamy
Jenifer Kunz
Activity 2

Part 2: Organizing Social Life

Chapter 3: Common Threads: Using Quilts as an Interdisciplinary Framework for Family and Community Stories

Suzanne S. Monroe
Activity 3

Chapter 4: Social Issues Facing Children in Schools

Karen B. Patterson, Karin Hunt, and Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore
Activity 4

Chapter 5: Crossings: Images of the Borderlands Experience in Contemporary Young Adult and Children’s Literature
Suzanne S. Monroe
Activity 5

Chapter 6: Fitting in: Peers Teaching Peers Social and Cultural Norms
Gwen Williams, Patricia Kennedy, Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore, and Claudia Stuart
Activity 6

Social Interaction and Social Structure
Chapter 7: “Thy People Shall Be My People:” Assimilation and Diffusion among Modern-Day Missionaries
Reed L. Welch and Jenifer Kunz
Activity 7

Groups and Organizations
Chapter 8: Negotiated Order of the Prison

David Keys
Activity 8

Deviance and Social Control
Chapter 9: Revisiting the 3D Effect: Disability, Deviance and Difference

Claudia Stuart, Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore, Patricia R. Kennedy and Gwendolyn J. Williams

Activity 9

Chapter 10: A Profile of Parental Homicide Against Children
Jenifer Kunz and Stephen J. Bahr
Activity 10

Chapter 11: Community Policing, the Fear of Crime, and Perceptions of the Police: Please Don’t Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater
Brandon L. Bang
Activity 11

Chapter 12: A Meta-Analysis of the CSI Effect
Gordon Eatley, Harry Hueston, and Keith Price
Activity 12

Part 3: Social Inequality

Stratification and Social Mobility
Chapter 13: White Privilege Shapes the U.S.

Robert W. Jensen
Activity 13

Chapter 14: Educational Experiences in Homes and Schools: Do Low-income Children Face a Double Dose of Disadvantage?
Ashley M. Pinkham
Activity 14

Worldwide Stratification
Chapter 15: Human Rights, Sex Trafficking, and Prostitution

Alice Leuchtag
Activity 15

Chapter 16: More Thoughts on Why the System of White Privilege Is Wrong
Robert W. Jensen
Activity 16

Chapter 17: Socialization Processes of Engineering Students: Differences in the Experiences of Females and Males

Mark R. Riney and Janet Froeschle
Activity 17

Chapter 18: Geriatric Suicide: Formulating New Norms and Values?

David P. Keys
Activity 18

Social Justice
Chapter 19: Examining the Roles of High School Counselors Who Lead and Advocate for Urban, African American Males through the Lens of Social Justice

Sophia Maxis, Shannon Romagnolo, and Christopher A. Janson
Activity 19

Part 4: Social Institutions

Chapter 20: The Effects of Divorce on the Personal Adjustment of Children and Adolescents

Jenifer Kunz
Activity 20

Chapter 21: Waiting Until I Do: Is There a Case for Virginity Pledges?
Jenifer Kunz
Activity 21

Chapter 22: When Should a Political Candidate’s Religion Become a Campaign Issue?
How Mitt Romney’s Mormonism Has Become a Factor in His Previous and Current Races
Reed L. Welch and Ric Jensen
Activity 22

Chapter 23: Race and the Schooling of Black Children: A Social Psychological Analysis

Nathaniel Eugene Terrell
Activity 23

Government and Economy
Chapter 24: Sociology of Nonprofits

Dwight Vick
Activity 24

Chapter 25: “Dogs and Cats Living Together:” The Importance of Groups in Understanding How People Vote
Reed L. Welch
Activity 25

Health and Medicine
Chapter 26: HIV-Risk Behaviors among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents

Nathaniel Eugene Terrell and Les B. Whitbeck
Activity 26

Chapter 27: An Epidemic of Intolerance: Obesity Culture and Size-Based Oppression
Jennifer L. Wood and Lisa Garza
Activity 27

Chapter 28: Operationalizing Blumer’s Symbolic Interaction: Alfred Lindesmith’s Early Fieldwork in Opiate Addiction
David Keys
Activity 28

Part 5: Changing Society

Communities and Urbanization
Chapter 29: Questioning Immigration Policy: Can We Afford to Open Our Arms?

Friends Committee on National Legislation
Activity 29

Chapter 30: Analyzing a Worldview Other Than Your Own: Collecting, Shaping, and Refining Assumptions about the Syrian Civil War
Regina Chanel Rodriguez and Joseph Mahmoud
Activity 30

Collective Behavior and Social Movements
Chapter 31: Beyond Race, Gender, and Class: Reclaiming the Radical Roots of Social Justice Movements

Robert W. Jensen
Activity 31

Social Change and Technology
Chapter 32: Secondary Violence among Capital Murderers in Texas

Keith Price and Robert Beckley
Activity 32

Jenifer Kunz

Claudia Stuart

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ISBN 9781792433146

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