Sounds: Their Structure and Patterns in Language

Author(s): Peter Jurgec

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 190

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Sounds: Their Structure and Patterns in Language is intended as an integrated learning tool for the course LIN101 Introduction to Linguistics: Sound Structure. This entirely online text advocates for a hand’s-on approach by providing examples, problem sets and exercises from the world’s languages. This text also introduces four key areas of linguistics and provides a streamlined introduction to three second-year topical courses in linguistics: phonetics, phonology, and sociolinguistics.

1 Introduction
1.1 Linguistics
1.2 Languages
1.3 How to use this book

2 Phonetics of vowels
2.1 How speech is produced
2.2 Articulation of vowels
2.3 Transcribing vowels

3 Phonetics of consonants
3.1 Vocal tract revisited
3.2 Place of articulation
3.3 Manner of articulation
3.4 Laryngeal properties
3.5 Transcribing consonants
3.6 Further resources
3.6.1 Articulation of consonants
3.6.2 Listen to sounds in the world’s languages
3.6.3 IPA
3.6.4 Typing IPA symbols

4 Phonology
4.1 What is phonology?
4.2 Contrast
4.3 Phonemes
4.4 Allophones
4.5 Allophonic rules
4.6 Phoneme or allophone?

5 Natural classes
5.1 Similarity in phonology
5.2 An overview of natural classes
5.3 Rules revisited
5.4 Inventories

6 Syllables
6.1 Typologies in linguistics
6.2 Defining the syllable
6.3 Nucleus
6.4 Onset
6.5 Coda
6.6 Complex constituents
6.7 Syllable structure and loanwords

7 Prosody
7.1 Stress
7.2 Tone
7.3 Length

8 Morphology
8.1 What is morphology?
8.2 Morphemes
8.3 Roots and affixes
8.4 Morphological structure of words
8.5 How words are formed

9 Alternations
9.1 Underlying representations
9.2 Rules, revisited
9.3 Beyond English

10 Variation
10.1 Sociolinguistics
10.2 Why variation happens
10.3 Variation in space
10.4 Variation within a community
10.5 Language change
11 Conclusions
11.1 What have we learned?
11.2 Why study linguistics?
11.3 Linguistics beyond this course

Peter Jurgec

Peter Jurgec is an Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on various topics in phonology, including laboratory phonology, Optimality Theory, opacity, harmony, phonological exceptionality, and experimental methods in the field. His work has been published in top-tier linguistics journals (such as Phonology, Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, and Linguistic Inquiry), and he has given over 100 conference talks. He teaches courses in phonetics and phonology, including large-enrollment undergraduate and research-intensive graduate courses. He is also the author of PhonoApps (, a collection of online tools for teaching phonology.

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ISBN 9781792450235

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