Spanish Reading Inventory

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Mayra C Daniel

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2010

Pages: 162


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Spanish Reading Inventory (Pre-Primer to Grade 8) is a collection of individually administered informal reading tests designed to help teachers and other professionals determine a student's reading proficiency in Spanish. 

A series of word lists and passages ranging from the early stages of reading (pre-primer) through eighth grade are read by the student.  Based on the student's comprehension and word recognition, an assessment can be made of his or her reading ability. 


  • A helpful Instructional Interventions Grid for responsive and differentiated instruction to help students strengthen their reading.
  • Two forms of graded word lists ranging from beginning reading through thrid grade.
  • Two forms of graded passages (narrative and informational): Beginning reading through eighth grade.


About the Authors

PART 1 Spanish Reading Inventory Manual

Section 1. Overview of the Spanish Reading Inventory

Assessing English Language Learners (ELLs) in Spanish
Making Instruction and Interventions Responsive to Students
Components of the Spanish Reading Inventory
Purposes of the Spanish Reading Inventory
Background Information on Reading Levels and the Listening Level
Preparation for Assessment
Overview of Administration and Scoring Procedures
How to Use This Manual

Section 2. Administration and Scoring Procedures

Establishing Rapport and Gaining Some Insights
Administering, Scoring, and Determining Reading Levels from the Graded Word Lists
    Administering the Graded Word Lists
    Scoring the Graded Word Lists
    An Example of Scoring the Graded Word Lists
    Recording Word Recognition Scores for the Word Lists
Administering, Scoring, and Determining Reading Levels from the Graded Passages
    Procedure for Administering the Graded Passages
    Recording Miscues During Oral Reading and Timing the Reading
    Three Ways to Assess Comprehension
    Scoring Felipe's Graded Passage
    Counting Significant Miscues
    Scoring Felipe's Oral Reading
    Observation of Reading Behaviors and Other Evidence
Determining Reading Levels from the Comprehension Questions or Retelling
Recording Felipe's Comprehension Scores for the Graded Passages
Determining Reading Levels?Silent Reading
Rate of Reading
Norms for Oral and Silent Reading Rates
The Listening Level
    Determining the Listening Level
    Scoring Juan's Listening Level

Section 3. Determining the Student's Three Reading Levels and Instructional Uses

Assimilating the Results
    Estimating Mario's Reading Levels
    Estimating Pablo's Three Reading Levels
Determining Word Identifi cation Strategies
Miscue Analysis Tally
Analyzing Comprehension
    Analysis of Comprehension by Question Type
Fluency Considerations
    Important Points to Remember about Fluency
Instructional Interventions Chart
How Using the Spanish Reading Inventory Can Help Your Students

PART 2 Spanish Reading Inventory Forms and Performance Booklet

Form A: Narrative
    Graded Word Lists (Student Copy)
         PP AA
         P A
         1 A 7141
         2 A 8224
         3 A 3183
    Graded Passages (Student Copy)
         PP1 AAA La Ranita Verde
         PP2 AA Un Paseo en el Otoño
         P A La Primera Nevada
         1 A 7141 Duque Nada
         2 A 8224 Jorge está en las Montañas
         3 A 3183 El Oso Hambriento
         4 A 5414 El Incendio y los Animales
         5 A 8595 El Misterio
         6 A 6867 Manten la Distancia
         7 A 3717 La Inminente Amenaza
         8 A 8183 La Búsqueda del Científi co
    Performance Booklet (Teacher Copy)

Form B: Informational
    Graded Word Lists (Student Copy)
         PP BB
         P B
         1 B 7141
         2 B 8224
         3 B 3183
    Graded Passages (Student Copy)
         PP1 BBB El Perro de Beto
         PP2 BB La Pelota Roja de Pedrín
         P B El Huevo de Ani
         1 B 7141 En el Zoológico
         2 B 8224 Una Araña Amigable
         3 B 3183 El Canto del Grillo
         4 B 5414 Las Plantas Maravillosas
         5 B 8595 El Vuelo
         6 B 6867 Los Girasoles
         7 B 3717 Celebraciones Indígenas
         8 B 8183 Nuestro Medio Ambiente
    Performance Booklet (Teacher Copy)

Appendix A
Miscue Tally and Reading Behavior Summary Charts
Summary of Student?s Comprehension Performance
Class Summary Chart

Appendix B
Development of the Spanish Reading Inventory
    Description and Rationale for Word List Development
    Reading Passages and Questions

Jerry Johns

Jerry L. Johns has been recognized as a distinguished teacher, writer, outstanding teacher educator, and popular professional development speaker for schools, school districts, and conferences. He has taught students from kindergarten through graduate school and also served as a reading teacher. Professor Johns spent his career at Northern Illinois University. He served in leadership positions at the local, state, national, and international levels. He has been president of the International Literacy Association, the Illinois Reading Council, the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers, and the Northern Illinois Reading Council. He also served on the Board of Directors for each of these organizations as well as the American Reading Forum. Dr. Johns has authored or coauthored nearly 300 articles, monographs, and research studies as well as over 40 professional books. His Basic Reading Inventory, now in the 12th edition, is widely used in undergraduate and graduate classes as well as by practicing teachers.

Mayra C Daniel

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ISBN 9781465240897

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