Speaking from the Heart: Herstories of Chicana, Latina, and Amerindian Women

Author(s): Rose M. Borunda, Melissa Moreno

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 190

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At the heart of Speaking from the Heart: Herstories of Chicana, Latina, and Amerindian Women are cultural narratives, trajectories toward decolonization offered by Chicana, Latina, and Amerindian women.

The series of cultural narratives contained in the 2nd edition of Speaking from the Heart: Herstories of Chicana, Latina, and Amerindian Women interrogate the universal history commonly taught in schools and society and focus on the cultural knowledge used to resist and negotiate the deep effects of cultural colonization in everyday life. These accounts of experiential knowledge and epistemology chronicle a sense of belonging and web of relationships which provide snapshots of a larger and more inclusive cultural narrative. We call these Herstories. The series of narratives and discussion questions in this collection are intended to facilitate the deconstruction of the master narrative and promote critical thinking.

Readers of Speaking from the Heart are invited to:

  • engage in a critical examination of what one has previously learned about the self and culture(s).
  • unveil states of submersion within a reality that has been constructed by others in power.
  • develop the capacity to understand the essence of subjectivity and the capacity to reexamine one’s positionality in the world.
  • critically reflect on their own narrative. This book can be of use in Mexican American, Chicana/o, Latino Studies, Ethnic Studies, Education, Women Studies, and English courses. 

Contributors include Jennie Luna, Maria Mejorado, Michelle Maher, Julie Figueroa, Angie Chabram, Cindy Cruz, Rebecca Rosa, Sofia Villenas, Margarita I. Berta-Avila, Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner, Ruth Trinidad-Galván, and Marcela Juaregui.



Chapter 1: An Anglo-Mexican American Context
Narrative 1: Cultivating a Seed of Consciousness

Chapter 2: A Mexican Nationhood Context
Narrative 2: Differentiated Realities in Mexico

Chapter 3: Spanish Colonial Context
Narrative 3: Violence, Love, and Spanish Colonialism

Chapter 4: A Native Context
Narrative 4: Regeneration

Chapter 5: Herstories of Decoloniality
Coming Home to Danza
Jennie Luna

Daughter as Caretaker: Living the Four Directions
Maria Mejorado

Honoring Ancestors and Decolonizing Lessons
Michelle Maher

A Cinco de Mayo Birth: Finding Myself in Yesterday
Julie Figueroa

Curls, Frizz, and Locks: A Latina Hair Story
Angie Chabram

I Grew Up ‘Undoing’ Colonized Gender
Cindy Cruz

Boricua and College Educated
Rebecca Rosa

From the Andes to College Town USA: Life Affirmations Across Generations of Amerindian Women
Sofia Villenas

Entre Mis Llantos Encuentro Mi Espíritu
Margarita I. Berta-Avila

Dreams and Transitions: Connecting My Past in My Present
Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner

A Testimony of Healing in Nuevo México, Aztlan
Ruth Trinidad-Galván

Rhythmic Hope: Documenting My Dream to Belong
Marcela S. Jáuregui

Chapter 6: Challenging Contemporary Realities & Redefining the Landscape


About the Authors

About the Contributors

Chapter Discussion Questions

Rose M. Borunda

Professor Rose Borunda, Interim Director for the Doctorate in Educational Leadership program, teaches in the Master of Science in Counselor Education program and serves as Core Faculty in the Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program. Her experience in child abuse prevention and school counseling fostered her interest in social justice. From teaching at D-Q University, a tribal college, and consulting for UC Davis Tribal TANF program, she gained insight to the capacities of resilient communities. Her first book, What is the Color of Your Heart? promotes the capacities of positive identity development and cross racial bridge building. Lessons from her “first teachers” served as a major inspiration for her second publication, Speaking from the Heart: Herstories of Chicana, Latina, and Amerindian Women.

Melissa Moreno

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ISBN 9781792463631

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