Sport Analytics: An Applied Introduction to How Numbers are Changing Sport

Author(s): J.T. Wolohan, John Wolohan

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 382


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Sport Analytics: An Applied Introduction to How Numbers are Changing Sport provides readers with an analytical foundation required to do sport analytics and an overview of the canonical methods in sport analytics.

To achieve the methods simultaneously, Sport Analytics introduces the most important in sport analytics and teaches the practical and theoretical considerations for these methods: from OPS, to DVOA, to weighted plus-minus and beyond. The text covers all four major American sports, soccer, individual sports and eSports.

J.T. Wolohan and John T. Wolohan’s Sport Analytics: An Applied Introduction to How Numbers are Changing Sport:

• is intended for undergraduate or introductory graduate level sport analytics students or a sport-specific supplement to the education of economics, data science, computer science, mathematics, or engineering students.

• is the only publication that discusses the metrics that are critical to an analytical understanding of contemporary sport.

• combines discussion of these metrics with practical examples in R of how to calculate these metrics, providing readers with valuable data analysis skills.

• emphasizes the metrics in context and teaches the game-theoretic aspects and backdrop of sport analytics—understanding sport analytics through the lens of decision making theory.

• is student friendly! The publication integrates objectives, case studies, review questions,   programming exercises, key terms, and the source code repository for metrics covered in the book.

About the Authors 

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 2 Statistical Programming and Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 3 Pythagorean Wins and Probability in Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 4 Baseball and Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 5 Hockey, Basketball and Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 6 Football and Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 7 Monte Carlo Methods in Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 8 Game Theory in Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 9 Optimization Methods in Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 10 Deep Learning in Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 11 Player Projection Systems in Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 12 Ranking and Rating Systems in Sport Analytics 

CHAPTER 13 Analytics and Sports Business 

CHAPTER 14 Analytics and Esports 

CHAPTER 15 Sports Gambling and Fantasy Sports 

CHAPTER 16 Legal & Ethical Considerations 


J.T. Wolohan

J.T. Wolohan is the author of Mastering Large Datasets with Python, a top book on practical approaches for processing big data. His writing is endowed by over a decade of experience in soft ware development, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics. J.T. currently works as a data scientist and artificial intelligence researcher. An alumnus of both Syracuse University and Indiana University – Bloomington, in his free time, J.T. likes to run, cook, and spend time with his family. On the best days, he does all three. J.T.’s favorite sports team is the New York Yankees; he is also an avid boxing fan. Originally from Ithaca, N.Y., he currently resides in Washington, D.C.

John Wolohan

John T. Wolohan is a sports lawyer, academic, consultant, and author. He joined the Syracuse University Sport Management program in 2011 and the Syracuse University College of Law in 2014. In addition to publishing numerous articles and being one of the lead editors of the book “Law for Recreation and Sport Managers” by Cotten and Wolohan, Professor Wolohan has been teaching and working in the fields of sport management, sports law, and sports media for over 30 years. Professor Wolohan has taught as a visiting professor and served as scholar-in-residence at the China University of Political Science and Law (China), University of Lleida (Spain), Sheffield Hallam University (England), University of Pretoria (South Africa) and as a research fellow for Beijing Sport University (China).

In addition, Professor Wolohan is a highly sought-after expert for the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Athletic, Forbes, NPR, CCTV, and many other news organizations. Professor Wolohan, who is a frequent speaker, panelist, and moderator at professional organizations, law schools, and sport business conferences, received his J.D. from Western New England University, School of Law, M.A. from Syracuse University, and B.A. from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

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