Sports and Fitness Nutrition

Author(s): Robert Wildman, SHAWN ARENT, BILLCAMPBELLPHD LLC , Barry S Miller, Colin Wilborn

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 532


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Building upon the successful first edition, the NEW second edition of Sports and Fitness Nutrition provides students and practitioners the theoretical and practical understanding of how nutrients affect health and athletic performance.

Appropriate for advanced nutrition students, sport nutritionists, exercise science students, as well as professionals in the health and wellness fields, Sports and Fitness Nutrition helps the reader understand how nutrition can play an integral role in enhancing training, recovery, preventing injury, improving optimal strength to body weight ratios, as well as maintaining general health and wellness.

Written to reflect current research, Sports and Fitness Nutrition begins with a foundational chapter on our current health, nutrition, and exercise status and major initiatives for improving them. A comprehensive and applicable review of the anatomy and physiology of exercise is then provided.  

Now available in print and eBook formats, Sports and Fitness Nutrition

  • Addresses all the macro and micro nutrients and how each can influence health, exercise and athletic performance. 
  • Examines energy balance, body weight, endurance conditioning, strength training, and supplements that can help. 
  • Brings everything together with a sport specific chapter that covers both recommended training protocols and nutritional intake to enhance performance.
  • Provides current research and comprehensive coverage but also summarizes the material into practical applications and framework by using key points and review sections to ensure material comprehension. 
  • Features the latest nutritional guidelines reflecting Dietary Reference Intakes, USDA Food Guide Pyramid, and Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 

Chapter 1 – Nutrition, Exercise, and Health (Overview)
Chapter 2 – Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 3 – Basic Concepts in Exercise and Fitness
Chapter 4 – Carbohydrates and Exercise
Chapter 5 – Amino Acids, Protein, and Exercise
Chapter 6 – Fat, Cholesterol, and Exercise
Chapter 7 – Energy Balance, Body Weight and Composition for Sport and Fitness
Chapter 8 – Water, Hydration, and Exercise
Chapter 9 – Vitamins and Exercise
Chapter 10 – Minerals and Exercise
Chapter 11 – Sport Foods, Supplements, and Ergogenic Aids
Chapter 12 – Strength and Resistance Exercise and Training
Chapter 13 – Endurance Exercise and Training
Chapter 14 – Sport-Specific Training and Nutrition
Chapter 15 – Nutrition, Exercise, and Special Populations

Robert Wildman



Barry S Miller

Colin Wilborn

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ISBN 9781524974909

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