Start Standing: Audition Technique for Actors and Presenters

Author(s): Mariah Sage Seymour

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2022


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Start Standing is a book for new and experienced actors and presenters who wish to deliver more impactful and engaging performances. Mariah Sage Seymour offers a progressive approach to acting and the auditioning. She begins with type and branding guidance, helping students identify their natural attributes and strengths so they can be used to their advantage.

This book provides immediate techniques for selecting, analyzing, physicalizing, activating and personalizing scenes and monologues. Students learn how to approach any scene or monologue using clear, repeatable steps.

Start Standing is for anyone interested in a comprehensible approach to acting or who wishes to audition more confidently and successfully. This book is also for anyone who is interested in becoming a more self-assured and memorable public speaker by using the tools of the actor.


Chapter 1 Type & Branding: Who are You as an Artist?

Chapter 2 How to Choose Winning Material for Yourself

Chapter 3 Where to Start/What to Focus On

Chapter 4 Space, Shape, and Tempo

Chapter 5 Why Is that Line in All Caps?

Chapter 6 Actions and Tactics: What Do I Want? How Do I Get It?

Chapter 7 How to Analyze a Scene

Chapter 8 How to Turn Your Analysis Into Behavior

Chapter 9 Making the Most of Your Monologue

Chapter 10 Entrances, Introductions, Exits, and Transitions

Chapter 11 Headshots, Acting Resumes, and Audition Attire

Chapter 12 How to Handle “Tell Me about Yourself” and Other Interview Questions

Chapter 13 Ten-Minute Warm-up

Chapter 14 Be More Memorable

Chapter 15 How To Find Auditions In Your Area 

Chapter 16 How to Create A Self-Taped Audition

Chapter 17 Checklist: Ten Things You Can Do to Make Your Audition Rise to the Top

Mariah Sage Seymour

Mariah Sage Seymour is an AEA actor, director and educator. She has performed around the country and in Europe at such theaters as: Yale Rep,The Public Theater, Trinity Rep, Cleveland Play House, Ivoryton Playhouse, Cleveland Public Theatre, The Legacy Theatre, Valley Shakespeare Festival, and The Apollo in Dusseldorf, Germany.

For ten years, Mariah served as Co-Artistic Director of Theatre 4, a company she co-founded. With Theatre 4, she commissioned over twenty new plays, focusing on stories that included meaningful roles for women. Mariah earned her BFA in drama at NYU/Tisch and her MFA in acting at Brown University/Trinity Rep where she was a Stephen Sondheim Fellow. She is on the theatre faculty at Quinnipiac University where her directing credits include Lucas Hnath’s Red Speedo and Will Eno’s Thom Pain (based on nothing).

Mariah is the founder of Present & Perform, an audition preparation and private coaching company in New Haven, CT

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