Statistics: An Animated Journey

Author(s): Rick Martinez, Gene Seelbach, Geoffre A. Seelbach

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

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Statistics: An Animated Journey is a turn-key online course package that uses videos with animation to help students develop a basic understanding of statistical concepts and methods that are used in other disciplines. Statistics is a process that involves understanding types of data, representing data, analyzing data and using data to make predictions and decisions. Topics include statistical graphs of data, measures of central tendency, measures of data variation, relative standing, probability, the binomial and normal distributions, the Central Limit Theorem, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, categorical analysis, regression, and correlation.  

Chapter 1 - Statistics Introduction
1.1 What is Statistics?
Chapter 1 Knowledge Test

Chapter 2 - Summarizing Data
2.1 Summarizing Data Introduction
2.2 Summarizing Data Graphs
2.3 Measures of Central Tendency
2.4 Measures of Spread
2.5 Chebyshev & Empirical Rule
2.6 Relative Standing
Chapter 2 Knowledge Test

Chapter 3 - Probability
3.1 Probability of Events
Chapter 3 Knowledge Test

Chapter 4 - Binomial Distribution
4.1 Binomial Introduction
4.2 Binomial Probabilities
4.3 Binomial Parameters
Chapter 4 Knowledge Test

Chapter 5 - Normal Distribution
5.1 Normal Probabilities
5.2 Normal Variable Values
Chapter 5 Knowledge Test

Chapter 6 - The Central Limit Theorem
6.1 The Distribution of Sample Means
Chapter 6 Knowledge Test

Chapter 7 - Confidence Intervals
7.1 Large Sample C.I. for a Population Mean
7.2 Small Sample C.I. for a Population Mean
7.3 C.I. for a Population Proportion
7.4 Difference Between Two Population Means
7.5 Difference Between Two Population Proportions
Chapter 7 Knowledge Test

Chapter 8 - Hypothesis Testing
8.1 Hypothesis Testing Introduction
8.2 Single Sample Tests
8.3 Two Sample Tests
Chapter 8 Knowledge Test

Chapter 9 - Correlation and Regression
9.1 Introduction & Linearity
9.2 Simple Linear Regression
Chapter 9 Knowledge Test

Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez is a statistician and a professor of mathematics on the faculty at Foothill Community College, and he is the President & CEO of, a company devoted to the creation of innovative online math content.  Recipient of the President’s award for teacher excellence, and an educator for the past 30 years, Rick has devoted most of his career in the pursuit of creating innovative and effective animated online math content.  An avid cyclist, camper, and collector of fine wines, Rick enjoys spending time with friends and family at his home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Gene Seelbach

Gene Seelbach is a San Francisco Bay Area based semi-retired mathematics professor and college administrator, who has been a software developer of mathematics online courses for many years. Having started software development with an Apple II computer in 1980 he has experienced enormous changes in hardware and software in that 40-year period. His educational background includes a PhD in mathematics from the University of Wyoming with a considerable background in both statistics and computer science. He has a passion for developing online content that is user-friendly, simple to use and is effective at getting students excited about learning mathematics. Although still active in software development for mathematics and statistics at, he now spends more time enjoying recreational activities like cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Geoffre A. Seelbach

Geoff Seelbach is a system's engineer who started his career shortly after the advent of personal computers in the 1980’s.  He focused primarily on the networking of personal and minicomputers. In 1988 he developed and taught a course for Foothill College called “Networking the IBM PC”. During the 1990’s at Lanquest Group in Santa Clara, CA, he assembled and managed a world-class network test lab and managed a group of 25 technicians and engineers who ran performance and functional tests on a wide variety of network products. He managed the development of various test suites and published hundreds of test reports and numerous articles in magazines such as Network World and PC Magazine.  During this period, he was a speaker at various industry trade shows. Subsequently, at MITB, Inc he managed the Sunnyvale location and implementations of Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) Software with a 96% success rate.  At he is involved in product design, delivery and support.  His education consists of a degree in engineering and numerous products certifications. His interests include math and the sciences, hiking, camping and travel as well as spending time with his family and friends.

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ISBN 9781792465185

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