Statistics for the Health Sciences

Author(s): Donald Davis

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 436

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History and Types of Data 
Section 1.2 Levels of Data Measurement and The Fundamentals of Sampling 

CHAPTER 2 – Descriptive Statistics
Section 2.1 Properties of Frequency Distributions
Section 2.2 Graphical Descriptive Statistics
Section 2.3 Measures of Central Tendency
Section 2.4 Measures of Variability
Section 2.5 Measures of Relative Standing and Exploratory Data Analysis

CHAPTER 3 – Fundamentals of Probability
Section 3.1 Introduction to Probability; the Addition and Multiplication Rules
Section 3.2 Absolute and Relative Risk; Odds Computation
Section 3.3 The Binomial Distribution
Section 3.4 The Normal Distribution
Section 3.5 The Central Limit Theorem and Sampling Distributions                                                                                                              

CHAPTER 4 – Estimation and Sample Size Determination
Section 4.1 Confidence Intervals for the Population Proportion
Section 4.2 Confidence Intervals for the Population Mean                                                                     
Section 4.3 Confidence Intervals for the Population Standard Deviation

CHAPTER 5 – Hypothesis Testing
Section 5.1 Hypothesis Test for a Population Proportion
Section 5.2 Hypothesis Test for a Proportion – Two Samples
Section 5.3 Hypothesis Test of the Mean – Two Independent Samples
Section 5.4 Hypothesis Test of the Mean – Two Dependent Samples
Section 5.5 Analysis of Variance
Section 5.6 Chi-Square Test for Independence and Fisher’s Exact Test                                            

CHAPTER 6 – NonParametric Statistics
Section 6.1 McNemar’s Test
Section 6.2 Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test
Section 6.3 Mann-Whitney U-Test
Section 6.4 Kruskal-Wallis Test

CHAPTER 7 – Correlation and Regression
Section 7.1 Correlation and Linear Significance

Donald Davis

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