Stories in Geology: What We Know and How We Figured It Out

Author(s): Glenn Dolphin

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2019

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Stories in Geology fills two gaps in postsecondary science teaching:

  1. Giving an accurate description of how science is done – “the process of science”
  2. The absence of the humanities in science instruction

Stories in Geology: What We Know and How We Figured it Out gets students thinking about the process of generating scientific knowledge and gives them the necessary skills to be critical of this knowledge. This text provides the history of how science knowledge came to be. It features short stories, poetry, art, and more as ways to demonstrate how science “fits” into the rest of life.

This book represents an approach to teaching science that is quite different from how this broad category of knowledge has traditionally been taught in the past and how it is still taught today in most places.


Section I: The Earth’s Biography: Learning to Read the Rocks

1 Simple Observations: Discerning the Signs of a History

2 Clues of the Earth’s Past: Giving Fossils Meaning

3 The Human Pedigree: Icons, Extinctions, and Ice Ages

Section II: The Age of the Earth: The Discovery of Deep Time

4 Breaking with Tradition: Empiricism Rises

5 Deposition Rates: The Sands of Time

Section III: Developing a Theory of the Earth: Why Are There Still Mountains?

6 The Mystery of Oceans and Continents: Initial Controversies

7 Some History of Seismology: Putting Finger on the Pulse of the Earth

8 Attractions of the Past: The Importance of Paleomagnetism

Section IV: Putting It All Together: The “What” and the “How” of Science

9 Epistemological Trajectories: Deconstructing Methods, Resolving Controversies

10 Geology Within the Larger Scientific Terrain: Contributions and Questions



Glenn Dolphin

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ISBN 9781524975555

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